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What Aare The Effects Of Waste Wood Humidity On The Use Of Sawdust Mill?

With the application of wood chip mills more and more widely,

More and more people are paying attention to this green mechanical device,

I have often been asked, wood mill for processing waste wood in humidity requirements?

What kind of humidity of waste wood will exceed the processing requirements of wood chip mills?

To know that waste wood with too high moisture is certainly not suitable for direct processing with a wood chip mill,

Although the blades inside the wood chip mill are sharp,

But the moisture in the waste wood also increases the fibers inside, which makes the waste wood itself more difficult to crush,

At this time, when we used the wood chip mill to process the waste wood,

Naturally, the yield and crushing efficiency declined,

So that’s why we often ask our customers before they pulverize waste wood that’s too wet,

The waste wood is exposed to the sun or dried to reduce the moisture inside,

After meeting the processing requirements of the sawdust mill, it is fed to the equipment for internal processing.

Because this crushing after the material effect will be more ideal.

But some users may not be sure whether the waste wood they need to pulverize is too wet,

At this time, we can use these two aspects to see whether the humidity of waste wood is too high,

It is not suitable for the wood chip mill to process,

It is important to know that waste wood with high humidity enters the interior of the sawdust mill,

In the process of grinding because of high humidity,

Very easy to attach to the screen during screening,

Thus causing the failure of discharging difficulty or even blockage;

Then there is the reason for long-term crushing processing of this humidity is too high,

Will lead to the internal parts of the sawdust mill in a humid environment for a long time to work,

This is very easy to leads to rust on the surface of some parts of the sawdust mill.

Through the above two methods, we can easily determine that,

Whether the humidity of waste wood processed by ourselves is too high,

It is not suitable for processing directly through a wood chip mill,

For example, waste wood that is more than 16% wet is considered a highly humid material,

This kind of waste wood Xiaobing suggests that everyone should first go through drying or exposure,

After reducing the humidity, the wood chip mill is used for processing.