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Mobile Chipper Shredder

There are many models and types of mobile shredders.

There is a fixed crusher, electric motor, diesel-driven crusher, and mobile crusher.

Wood chip crusher is suitable for different occasions, customers should choose according to their actual production needs.

Main features of mobile chipper shredder

Mobile wood chip shredder is a new type of wood shredding equipment that is improved and designed on the basis of fixed paper shredder.
The wood crusher is fixed to a stand on wheels. The number of wheels is usually three or four. 

mobile chipper shredder is usually powered by diesel engines, as they usually work in the field and cannot use electricity efficiently. 

Mobile wood crusher is convenient and flexible, which is very suitable for mobile processing in mountainous areas, forest farms, and gardens.

Therefore, this type of wood chipper is very suitable for users who work in different places.

Precautions for use of mobile wood chip crusher

1. The chassis installation of the mobile wood shredder should be stable. Under the condition of a normal line, do not rush to feed after boot. 
First check whether the operation of the wood shredding machine is normal, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the noise is too large, 
whether the start time is too long, etc., such as abnormal, should be stopped in time for inspection.

2. Before crushing materials, they must be classified. Materials of the same material and size can be gathered together and then crushed together. 
This can improve the working efficiency of a mobile wood shredding machine, increase the output.

3. When the work is about to end, turn off the power after all the materials in the mobile wood crusher are discharged. 
If the power failure is sudden, turn off the power immediately to avoid danger caused by sudden power failure.