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How Does Poultry Feed Pellet Produce

Guangzhou Xinde Machinery is a professional animal feed pellet machinery manufacturer,

poultry feed pellet by animal feed factories will be mixed feed or single feed (grass, cake, etc.) made of granular feed. 

It is usually cylindrical and the size depends on the type of domestic animal being kept.

Poultry feed pellet production method:

1. Accurate formula and accurate ingredients. 
According to the nutritional needs of poultry, reasonable preparation of feed. 
This process is strictly in accordance with the number of raw materials added for accurate weighing.

2. Pay attention to particle size. 
The main purpose of crushing corn, bean cake, and other block feed in the formula is to reduce the chewing of poultry, 
increase the contact surface between feed and digestive liquid, so as to improve the digestibility of feed nutrients. 
Chicken feed grinding generally requires a sieve bottom diameter of 1mm.

3. Mix well.

Add the crushed raw materials and other ingredients to the blender according to the proportion of the formula and stir for 3-5 minutes.

4. Its shape.

This can improve the palatability of feed, improve the digestibility of nutrients,

avoid picky poultry, increase feed intake, the particle diameter is generally 3 ~ 5 mm.

After the powder feed is mixed, it is cooked, heated, and pressed into granular materials by the poultry feed granulator, and the starch gel is solidified.

5. Keep feed relatively stable. 
Pay attention to the ratio of protein to energy, ensure protein intake, and keep the crude fiber content in the feed below 5%.

The relative stability of feed should be maintained. 

Changes should be gradual, otherwise, they will affect the growth of poultry.

In order to meet the needs of customers around the world, the company not only provides animal feed pellet production lines. 

Also, provide fertilizer/biomass pellet production line.