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Mobile Sawdust Machine

At home and abroad are in the stage of green environmental protection development, there are a large number of waste wood generation every year.

And about 80 percent of the waste wood, is through mobile sawdust machine equipment, after the production of waste up, effectively promote the development of green environmental protection at home and abroad. 

Mobile sawdust machines will be our daily life of most of the waste wood, have been pulverized processing after reuse.

It is precise because of this mobile sawdust machine equipment, in the market by people’s recognition and support.

A sawdust mill is mainly composed of a knife plate, blade, hammer, screen, and other important components.

When the machine is started, the power system turns the large shaft on the main engine wheel.

The wood is first to cut into smaller pieces using a cutter head and a blade, and then the pieces go into a hammer mill.

After the host wheel drives the hammer to do circular motion repeatedly, driving the hammer to rotate cutting.

Under the action of collision, cutting, and friction, the material is crushed into wood chips of uniform size.

This wood chip machine is equipped with automotive tires, but also with the ability of mobile operation.

Can carry on the production operation anytime and anywhere, can adapt to a variety of different working environments, convenient and practical.