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Multifunctional Wood Chip Mill

There are two operating methods for planting Lentinus edodes wood mill, 
diesel mobile planting Lentinus edodes wood mill and electric planting Lentinus edodes wood mill. 
The Lentinus edodes wood mill is composed of three parts: body, middle body, and lower body. 
The middle body is equipped with a triple stator circle, grinding knife plate, and fineness analyzer. 

Planting Lentinus edodes wood crusher has coarse grinding, fine grinding, and centrifugal grinding, 
The motor drives the rotor of the crusher to operate so that the mechanical airflow produces impact force, compression force, and cutting force on the crushed material. 
The above is the operation mode of planting a mushroom wood crusher to share with you. 
Mainly divided into the electric wood mill and diesel wood mill, I hope to help you. 

A sawdust crusher is a series of wood crushing equipment
Due to reasonable design, compact structure, production, after the promotion and use, the effect is good, 
the whole equipment only a motor drive, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, cheap price, stable work, less energy consumption, high output, 
wood chips finished products, low processing cost.

The pulverized material can be used to make shiitake wood,

It can also be collected from sheet mills, but in very small quantities.

As a machine that can pulverize waste wood branches and other materials into sawdust,

The crushed materials have good reuse value.

Create a lot of economic wealth for the society, and drive economic development.