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Pet Food Pellet Production Line

Guangzhou Xinde machinery is a professional pet/fish feed machinery manufacturer, 

this article will introduce the pet food pellet production line in detail.  

With the increasing number of pet types, all kinds of pets are adult and young, and the requirements for pet food are getting higher and higher.  

In view of this market demand, Guangzhou Xinde machinery has developed a variety of pet food pellet production line,  

according to the different output, production lines also have a variety of configurations.

Introduction of pet food production line

The production equipment can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture, and other technological parameters,  

so that the product has a novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate organization, suitable for different pet taste characteristics.   

Pet food processing line is widely used in dog, cat, fish, shrimp, fox, bird, and all kinds of pet feed production,  

is the ideal choice for different manufacturers.  

Pet food production line production process  

The material is fed by the feeder. After high temperature, high pressure, and high shear, 
the material is expanded to meet the required quality requirements such as organization state.  

1. Crushing system: Classify and screen raw materials.

Each material is selected in a separate cleaning system and impurity selection system and then crushed to the fineness required for expansion molding.  

2. Mixing system: after all kinds of raw materials are selected and crushed,

they are put into the mixer for centralized mixing, evenly mixed, and the moisture and humidity required for expansion are adjusted.  

3, puffing molding: powder in boiler heating biaxial quenching and tempering machine after pre-curing,

the use of single screw or twin screw feed puffing machine, large output, feed particles forming good, smooth and delicate surface, uniform puffing.  

4. Drying system: The expanded particles need to be dried as soon as possible. 

A continuous drying oven for expanded particles with a multi-layer mesh belt is adopted to improve the drying effect through hot air circulation. 

After final drying, the cooling system cools the surface of the particles.  

5, seasoning system: automatic seasoning system, oil, powder spraying in one.

After the feed particles are dried in the drying oven, the spraying system sprays oil onto the surface of the particles.

After spraying, the following process is an automatic spraying system.  

6, packaging system: automatic weighing, semi-automatic manual packaging, automatic transmission connection.