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Sell Animal Feed Granulator Machine

This article will introduce animal feed granulator machine in detail.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the desire to keep pets is becoming stronger and stronger.

But raising pets is not only to feed them but also to give them a scientific diet combination, which is the best choice for feeding.   

Most people choose pellets to feed their pets because pellets are more nutritious.   

Feed pellet variety standards are based on practical experience in livestock production,

combined with material energy metabolism and feeding experiments, scientifically set different species, gender, age,  

physiology and level of animal husbandry production purpose, each time should be given energy and various nutrients,  

such as livestock and poultry quantity rules, known as feed standard or nutritional requirements. 

Development status of processed feed

The feed industry has been subjected to unfair evaluation and misunderstanding in terms of industry value, social contribution, or technological content.

Premix research and development involves animal nutrition, and feed pellets are a truly high-tech industry.

feed granulator machine is the feed pellet production is indispensable, feed pellet machine by the majority of customers welcome.

Definition of safe feed granules  

Safe pellet feed refers to the food animal feed pellets which do not produce organic and inorganic substances harmful to human health.

Feed safety production is an important issue related to the sustainable development of feed production and human health.  

The main factors affecting feed safety include the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, 

the quantity control of various additives in the formula, the control of artificial addition in the process of processing, 

the reasonable design and parameter selection of feed processing technology, feed management, and so on.  

Store after processing.  Only by strictly controlling every step of the process can safe feed pellets be produced.