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Reasons For Blockage of Sawdust Pellet Machine

When the sawdust pellet machine is blocked, do not poke the machine cavity with a stick, stop the feeding first, stop after about ten minutes of operation, and turn off the power to find out the reason.

1. If the hammer and screen of the sawdust pellet machine are damaged and the new parts are not replaced in time, the crushed material has high hardness and the humidity exceeds a certain standard, which will cause mechanical blockage. In order to ensure the operating efficiency of the wood pellet machine, damaged parts should be replaced in time.

2. The sawdust pellet machine is not standardized: the operator who does not understand the function of the wood pellet machine may feed faster when operating the wood pellet machine, increasing the load of the machine, and thus forming a blockage.

3. Fine wood chips sometimes accumulate inside the sawdust pellet machine, such as the tuyere, the inside of the motor, etc. It needs to be cleaned after one week of operation, and large-scale protection and maintenance are required after one month of operation.

4. The cutting tool of the sawdust pellet machine is not delicate enough to easily cause the situation of broken knife and waste. This situation is generally caused by the inconsistency between the rotation center of the main shaft of the sawdust pellet machine and the center of the tool during the processing. When the spindle is operating at high speed, if the spindle and the tool are not concentric, it will not only cause blockage but also affect the yield of finished products.