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Reasons For Poor Feed Of Wood Chip Crusher

Sawdust crusher feeding difficulties, resulting in reduced output, increased energy consumption, machine idling, and blocking.

These problems are related to operational and machine failures.

How to avoid and deal with these problems is our concern.

Xinde machinery takes you to analyze the cause of poor feed sawdust crusher.

The first is the installation of a sawdust grinder:

Feeding equipment should be slightly higher than the feed port of the sawdust grinder, in order to maintain smooth feeding;

For example, some materials are irregular and hard.

Because the feed chute is slightly lower than the feed opening, there is a slight scratch and trip,

Lead to stuck in the feed mouth can not be cut and crushed; The other is the lengthening length of sawdust crusher blade;

The extension length of the blade determines the thickness of the material for each cut.

Feeding difficulties can also occur when the extension length is too short to cut the material.

Therefore, the blades of the sawdust mill must be adjusted properly.

Generally, the blade Angle will not affect the feeding, because it has been adjusted before delivery.

But some sawdust crusher manufacturers will also cause the blade Angle adjustment is not standard for various reasons.

Lead to poor cutting.

It also has a lot to do with manufacturers of sawdust crushers.

In addition, we must pay attention to the dry humidity of the material after crushing,

Do not feed excessive moisture into the material at one time.