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Chipper Shredder
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Wood Chipper Machine

Categories: Chipper Shredder
Capacity: 3-70t/h
Power: 30-315kw
Engine: motor
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Product Application

Product Overview:

drum chipper is a direct process of large diameter wood, wood harvesting residues (branches, etc.)

and wood processing residues (board, slats, log core, waste veneer, etc.) into small pieces.

LYGX series drum chipper is compact and reasonable in structure, easy to operate, high in productivity,

wide in the adaptability of raw materials, high in quality of cutting chips, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.

It is one of the most advanced chipping machines in China.


1. The chipper consists of a base, a knife roll, upper and lower feeding mechanism, feeding device,

hydraulic buffer system, and electrical control system;

2. The blade is made of special material, high strength, and strong wear resistance;

3. The knife roll is processed as a whole, and it is checked by dynamic balance to improve accuracy and run smoothly;

4. The press material system adopts the hydraulic system automatic control,

and the feeding system adopts frequency conversion control;

5. The bottom knife seat is made of forgings with high strength and long service life;

6. Patented knife roll structure, the chipping efficiency is increased by 30%-50%,

the main power is reduced by 30%-50%, and the use cost is greatly reduced.

Product parameters

Model XD-216 XD-218 XD-2113
Draw-in opening (height X width) 230*590 mm 300*680 mm 450*700 mm
Max Dia. of raw material Φ 200 Φ300 Φ450
Knife quantity 2 or 3 pcs 2 or 3 pcs 2 or 3 pcs
Knife roll rotary speed 590 r/min 650 r/min 500 r/min
Finish chips 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Capacity 8-10 t/h 14-18 t/h 15-30 t/h
Host motor power 55 kw 90-110 kw 200-250 kw
Feed roller motor power (3-4)×2kw (4-5.5)×2kw 7.5×2kw
Oil pump motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 3kw
Weight 5030kg 7000kg 11840kg
Outside dimension 1800*1900*1210mm 2200*2150*1500mm 3670*2517*2050mm
Conveyor motor power 3kw 4kw 4kw


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