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Sawdust Particles Utilization Rate

Sawdust particles are produced from sawdust.  Sawdust is waste material and can be wasted if thrown away.  

The role of sawdust particles is to achieve the reuse of wood chips.  

This advantage promoted the development of sawdust granule machines.  

Only improve the output of wood pellet machine, in order to make the market for wood pellet machine demand is growing.  

So how to improve the output of wood pellet machines?  

1. Thickness of raw materials  

The thickness of the raw material should be as good as possible, which is the first condition for the smooth production of particles.  

2. Raw material moisture  

Humidity is controlled at about 13%.  Moisture in wood chips must be strictly controlled, which is the prerequisite for crushing wood chips into granules.

If moisture is too high, the granules will become very loose.  I won’t say much but remember.  

3. Increase oil moderately  

Wood chips to add a moderate amount of fat, about 0.8%.  

The benefits of refueling are two, one is to reduce the wear of wood pellet machines,

improve the service life of wood pellet machines.  

Second, sawdust becomes easier to press into shape, increasing production.  

4. Control compression ratio  

The general sawdust compression ratio of 1:4.5, if you want to improve output, you can put the mold thin, but not too thin, to prevent erosion damage.