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Wood Pellet Combustion Matters Insights

What are the problems that should be paid attention to when wood pellet fuel is used in a combustion furnace?  

1, first of all, attention should be paid to safety, to operate in strict accordance with the instructions,

must confirm that users can operate independently before delivery.   

According to the data requirements, the kitchen should be added a row of fans, in order to eliminate indoor harmful gases.

2, as far as possible to choose the high calorific value of fuel, such as wood chips, sawdust, etc.,

and the drier the fuel, the finer the better, different fuel use effect is not the same.   

If smoke is found in the stove, the biomass fuel is too large or too wet.

3. When cooking, if the gasifier is used continuously for too long, it will be found that the stove inlet has white smoke,

which indicates the lack of fuel around the nozzle in the furnace.  

The endogenous material fuel in the furnace can be stirred to the middle or added to the appropriate fuel.

4. Although wood pellet fuel is very popular, and has the characteristics of clean and environmental protection,

there are still some precautions in use, so please read the instructions before using, and summarize the experience in practice.

5. Biomass has the characteristics of low bulk density, low energy density, large space for transportation, storage,

and high cost, which seriously restricts the large-scale application of biomass energy.   

After dense forming, biomass can not only be used as fuel to replace coal directly but also can be used for deep processing through carbonization technology,

liquefaction technology, and gasification technology, so as to solve the economic and practical problems of biomass utilization and achieve the large-scale application of biomass energy.

6. The solidification molding of biomass particles is usually divided into three stages:

dry grinding stage, pre-compression stage, and forming compression stage, of which the forming compression stage is the most important stage.

7. Biomass raw materials, after passing through the inlet pressure wheel into the molding chamber,

the spindle drive the ring die, under the influence of friction, pressure roller and the ring die to rotate at the same time,

the material feeding scraper is caught up in between the ring die and roller, the relative rotation of raw materials gradually extrusion,  

and into the ring die, in the ring die forming, and constantly to squeeze out outside the hole,  

Then cut off the forming particles according to the required length by the cutter.  

In the process of compaction, the material is forced through the holes in the circular pressing die under the action of strong extrusion of the pressing die and the pressing roller.