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The Specific Technology Of Disc Chipper Equipment

Disc chipper series is a famous product developed by our factory for many years.

Raw materials including logs, veneers, veneers, bamboo, branches, corn stalks, cotton stalks,

Reeds and other non-wood fiber rods are cut into uniform sheets,

The length of the sheet can be adjusted in the specified range as required.

It is composed of a frame, knife disc, (knife disc is equipped with two to six flying knives) feed port, power, etc.

This series of products have a reasonable and reliable structure, simple operation, good material quality, high output, less energy consumption,

Convenient maintenance, high production efficiency, suitable for paper mills, fiberboard factories,

Particleboard factory and wood chip production base and edible fungus production raw material processing are the user’s ideal equipment.

Straight mouth wood chip machine is newly developed, the feeding mouth is changed from oblique mouth to straight mouth, can be used with conveyor belt.

Classification of disc chipper:

Disc chippers have fixed and mobile two categories.

The fixed type is mainly used in factories; the Mobile type is generally used in forest areas.

According to the structure of the working parts, it can be divided into drum chipper and disc chipper.

By feed means cent has inclined mouth feed peace mouth feed two kinds of types again.

The chipper is mainly composed of the host, coupling, chassis, motor, and four other parts.

The main machine of the chipper is composed of a cutter head, upper and lower cover shell, feeding port, and discharging port.

The machine can adjust the cutting blade according to the need to produce wood chips of different thickness specifications.

In order to meet the different requirements of wood chip length in papermaking, fiberboard, and particleboard industries,

The length of the wood chip can be adjusted within the specified range.

Disc chipper, compact and reasonable structure, simple operation, large production capacity, the high pass rate of wood chips,

Low energy consumption per unit of wood chips, is the ideal equipment to produce high-quality wood chips.

Disc chipper uses:

Disc chipper can cut logs, footpaths, and branches with diameters below 200mm, suitable for pulp mills, forest farms,

Papermill, wood chip factory, etc., can process, pine, miscellaneous wood, Yang wood, Chinese fir, original bamboo,

Due to the compact structure, small footprint, good chip quality, low power consumption,

And suitable for mobile operation, widely used in medium and small particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises preparation section,

It can also be used for the production of commercial wood chips for individual households.