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The Effect Of Working Environment On Shredding Machine

Wood shredding machine is the use of blade chips and airflow impact principle, the material to be crushed to tear,

It is mainly composed of tearing, grading, wind conveying, unloading, and dust removal.

What is the effect of the working environment on the wood shredding machine?

Here to introduce to you:

One is the impact of dust on equipment bearing:

When the equipment is working, it is easy to mix into the bearing ring, thus causing damage to the working characteristics and condition of the bearing.

In addition to avoiding dust removal, the protection of bearing parts should also be ensured.

Two, the impact of metal debris on the spindle:

At work, metal debris can easily be mixed into the flannel and compartment of the spindle, which will cause an uneven bite of the tool,

Thus, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of material jam, which leads to blade wear, and even deformation.

Three, the impact of dust on power equipment:

When the working environment is not well ventilated, there will be too much dust, which can build up on electrified equipment,

Especially motor equipment, and then appear the risk of short circuits, affecting the efficiency and safety of the equipment.