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The Use Of Sawdust Pellet Machine Skills

1. The operator should be familiar with the working principle and the structure and function of each part of the sawdust pellet machine.

2. Operators should wear tight overalls, protective caps, and dust-proof masks, and must concentrate during operation.

3. Check whether there are sundries in the sawdust pellet machine and whether the screws are loose.

4. The sawdust particle mechanical and electrical machine must be started without load before it can work. Inversion of direction is strictly prohibited.

5. It is strictly prohibited to open the door cover of the wood pellet machine at will in the production process, do not reach into the granulation chamber, and do not contact the body with the machine to prevent safety accidents.

6. The sawdust pellet machine must be grounded safely. Disconnect the main power supply first when checking the machine.

7. When working at any time to check and remove the metal at the entrance of the magnetic separator, pay attention to observing the ammeter, and found abnormal shutdown in time.

8. Pay attention to the pressure roller bearing of the sawdust pellet machine and add high-temperature butter in time.

9. When the sawdust pellet machine stops, use oil to go through the mold.

10. When the sawdust pellet machine is not used for a long time, the material in the mold should be thrown out and rubbed with anti-rust oil.