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Choice Of Mold For Sawdust Pellet Machine

The mold quality of the sawdust pellet machine is also good and general. The service life of the mold is usually calculated through the production time. The general quality of the mold life is about 800-1200 hours, that is to say, the general quality of the mold is basically dead after the production of the pellet machine for 1000 hours; The life of the best quality ring die is about 1500 hours. The following is to introduce the choice of sawdust pellet machine mold:

1. Should find a professional production technology manufacturer, combined with the different raw materials and actual use of the design, customization of different process ring die, to ensure that the ring die plays the maximum use value.

2. The gap between the press roll and the ring die must be controlled between 0.1 ~ and 0.3mm. Do not let the eccentric press roll touch the surface of the ring die or the gap on one side is too large, so as to avoid aggravating the wear of the ring die and the press roll.

3. When the sawdust pellet machine is started, the feeding quantity must be increased from low speed to high speed. Do not run at high speed at the beginning, which will lead to damage or blockage of the ring mold and pellet machine due to sudden overload.