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There’s A Big Difference Between A Crusher And A Crusher

Wood processing machinery can be roughly divided into two kinds of crusher and crusher,

There are a lot of new users who don’t understand these two devices and don’t know what the difference is.

As a manufacturer in the field for more than ten years, we manufacture both kinds of equipment.

Here we give you a detailed introduction to the difference between a wood mill and a crusher.

I hope you and I both get some valuable information from it.


To deal with the different specifications of materials, the crusher sounds more atmospheric,

Mainly for some logs, and boards, including some metal wood design and manufacture of mechanical equipment,

As a result, large, hardwood is mainly treated with a crusher,

To put it simply, the crusher is difficult to fight or beyond the processing scope of the equipment,

At this time you can consider the use of a crusher.

Among them, you like our template crusher, wood crusher such equipment are large equipment.


Wood crusher is a commonly used wood crushing product in recent years.

Because it can crush many kinds of wood, although the crushing force is not as good as the crusher,

But to say the degree of fineness must be better crushing equipment.

This is a kind of crusher products do not have.

There is also very little machinery for breaking wood,

It is generally met with wood specifications of particularly large materials such as more than 12 cm of logs and tree stumps,

For materials like roots, crushers are used.

Therefore, although this kind of large equipment is strong, it also belongs to the hero useless in the wood crushing.

In addition, HERE I tell you that the crusher is used more in stone,

In recent years, the hot business of rock, granite broken,

It’s basically a crusher, it’s full of hammerheads, not blades like a crusher,

Crushing such a high hardness of the material, there is no problem.

Another difference between crusher and crusher is speed,

The general machinery industry is like this, the smaller the hardness of the material, the higher the crushing speed,

For materials such as wood and branches, the speed of crushing equipment can reach thousands of revolutions per minute.

But the crusher is not allowed, and the weight of the blade and the hammer is very different.

Do you think the hammer and knife are the same weight?

Therefore, the speed of the crusher is generally very slow, because the high speed requires a high-power motor to bring,

Besides, the material with high hardness, and high speed but a strong impact, the crushing effect of the material is not necessarily good.

The above is the difference between a wood crusher and a crusher, I hope to help you,

If you have any questions about crusher or crusher equipment, you can contact us. We like to solve problems for users.