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Wood Chipper Structure And Working Principle

How much does a wood shredder cost?

There are old wood at home or friends who buy sawdust and other raw materials around,

You don’t want to waste your resources, you’re looking for something to use, so you get a wood shredder,

So, how much is a common grinder?

To introduce the price of the wood mill on the market.

First of all, to know the price of a wood crusher, need to know where you sell it?

One: biomass pellet factory

Can produce biomass particles, generally 4-12mm sawdust,

This machine is now a relatively high-cost performance sawdust crusher,

A sawdust crusher can be used in the single and double mouth,

Can crush miscellaneous wood, round wood, branches, bamboo, etc., output from 1 ton to 6 tons,

So the price varies from 10,000 to 60,000 depending on the quantity produced,

In addition, according to the operation, can also be divided into motor diesel engine type, fixed-mobile.

The price will be adjusted according to the market situation.

Two: edible fungus cultivation

A wood chip machine, also known as a mushroom crusher, is commonly used for edible fungus cultivation.

Ru mill, machine price is also based on the output and feed port size,

The output ranges from 800kg-10 tons, and the price ranges from 1000 yuan to 30,000 DOLLARS.

Three: wood crusher

A wood crusher is large crushing processing equipment.

Mainly used in the front-line processing stage, or in paper mills and boiler plants,

Machine production ranges from 10 tons to 30 tons, and prices range from 56,000 to 20,000 to 60,000 DOLLARS.

There are other details of the wood crusher, and we can not introduce them one by one,

The most important is related to your raw materials, uses, sites, output, etc.

So want to get the most appropriate machine, suggest to field factory inspection, wish business is thriving.