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This Wood Is Difficult To Use A Wood Chipper

Most people in the industry in order to sell their own crushing equipment, all say that what materials can be crushed, 
In fact, wood crusher equipment is not what materials can be crushed. 
As a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment, we have been engaged in business for more than 10 years. 
It is our principle to operate in good faith all the time. 
We have always been able to crush materials to try to make high-quality crushing equipment, 
To the user crush processing, and those who can not crush the material, we also explain to the user clearly, why not? 
Today we mainly say three kinds of material crusher equipment can not handle. 

Nails wood

1. Wood with metal, nails, and wood are a combination, especially in recent years, there are many building materials.

The nails above are more, especially the template because it needs to be fixed with a nail gun,

Because this kind of wood with a lot of metal, such materials are not suitable for crushing equipment processing,

Because our wood crusher is rotating at high speed to crush the material,

One of these crushing machines like yours can spin at thousands of revolutions a minute,

In such cases, if crushed with nails or metal attached to wood,

It will directly damage our blades, reduce the life cycle of blades,

So from the point of view of maintenance, this kind of wood is not suitable for the equipment to deal with.

Of course, if there is a demand for crushing metal and wood, you can consider the template crusher,

No matter how big the nail is, it can crush the template and metal wood at one time.

The wet wood

2. Materials with high humidity are not suitable for wood mill equipment processing, which is the water content of materials.

Theoretically speaking, the material can not bring water, because the material with water after grinding directly affects the output.

In the crushing process, wood is pulverized with water to form sawdust or wood,

It is easy to jam the screen, resulting in adverse fan pumping, because at this time the weight of water in the wood itself increases,

The production of the natural mill is down. For this wood,

Our manufacturer’s suggestion is not to crush it directly, but to dry it for crushing.

In this way to reduce the moisture of wood, there is no difference between crushing and ordinary wood, and it can be produced normally.

Wood mill

3. Too fine crushed finished products are not suitable for wood mills. I don’t know if there are users of incense making industry.

The materials you asked for are really very fine. They’re all up in mesh 80.

Just like the flour we eat at home is the same, sometimes even finer,

You can’t do that with this device,

This is beyond the capabilities of the device. But the users really wanted it,

Can consider the use of wood powder machine such equipment, can produce wood powder, no problem.

The above three kinds of the wood mill can not deal with the material, we have been engaged for more than ten years,

There are also many types of equipment, sometimes crushing equipment can not handle the material,

In fact, another kind of equipment is just can solve, so this also belongs to a radish pit, each has its strengths!

If you have the intention of purchasing equipment and demand, you can contact us.