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6 Points For Attention In The Operation Of Wood Mill

Small production line for wood mill

Wood mill equipment belongs to small wood processing equipment, its investors are some rural friends,

You know, a lot of people don’t go out to work anymore,

And are more likely to develop something at home to take advantage of the time off,

And our wood crusher equipment is a good investment project for these people,

And that’s exactly what happened. In the past year, most of our clients were friends from rural areas,

For them, our equipment has little investment and quick results. The important thing is that they have sufficient raw materials for processing.

Wood pulverizer is susceptible to some factors in the process of use, which hinder the normal operation of wood pulverizer.

Therefore, the wood mills should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating rules in the process of use.

What matters should be paid attention to during the operation of the wood mill? You can understand:

1. Before starting, the transmission wheel should be moved for one or two laps by human force to confirm the flexible movement before starting.

Feed the wood mill after normal operation.

2, before stopping operation, should stop feeding and discharging the material in the machine, and then cut off the power supply of the motor.

3. Pay attention to the temperature of the bearing in operation, so that the bearing can maintain a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormality in sound and vibration.

When abnormal conditions are found, stop the car to check whether it is stuck by non-breakable objects or whether the parts are damaged.

4, to keep the wood mill feed uniform, to prevent overload.

Prevent wood and other unbreakable objects from falling into the wood-crushing machine.

When it cannot be broken, the feed moisture cannot be too high; Wet crushing, is necessary to maintain appropriate water, prevent blockage due to insufficient flushing, and reduce sales capacity.

5. Check whether the granularity of broken products meets the requirements.

If there are too many particles in excess of the specified size, the cause should be found (such as screen gap being too large, discharge mouth being too wide, hammer wear, etc.) and appropriate measures should be taken to eliminate them.

6. When the wood mill is stopped, check whether the fastening bolts are firm and what the wear degree of the easily worn parts is.

For wood shredders, parking should also be used to remove the wood between teeth.