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Versatile Wood Chipper Reduces Wood Waste

There are many kinds of waste wood, such as furniture factory scraps, packaging after the use of wood,

Old wooden crafts, some branches in forestry, used wood in building materials, and so on,

Old wood can be seen everywhere around us. Old wood can be reused.

Waste wood utilization can effectively reduce the waste of wood, environmental protection is also a great role,

Some measures can be taken to turn old wood into treasure.

A piece of old furniture, after dismantling and classification, the most of its waste materials is old wood,

After direct processing, secondary processing, chemical processing, incineration, degradation, and decay,

Old wood reappears in a variety of forms, such as new boards, new furniture, and molded materials.

Use of used furniture:

1. The direct processing and reuse of waste wood furniture mainly refer to the reuse of well-preserved boards in the waste furniture after processing by woodworking machinery.

2. Waste wood left to rot or degrade in nature for use as fertilizer. Such practices are rare in China.

3. At present, in China, wood decomposed from old furniture can also be burned to generate heat energy or other energy, but at present, old furniture wood has not formed a systematic treatment.

4. Wood waste materials without glue and paint become wood chemical processing products and raw materials for papermaking after chemical processing. This kind of treatment is not common in Ch

5. Waste wood furniture is separated by a special wood grinder, and wood fiber is obtained by boiling or steaming.

Particleboard and other materials, adding adhesives and other additives to make recycled particleboard and recycled fiberboard.

Recycled fiber and wood shavings are often mixed with wood materials when making new furniture,

The use of old materials in the production of renewable fiberboard is 30%.

In addition, waste wood materials can also be processed into magnesite products (mostly used for ceiling and building materials)

And building decoration with cement wood-based board, and gypsum wood-based board materials.

6. Used furniture materials include many joinery boards (i.e. large core boards) and plywood,

These two types of boards are separated from the wood and veneer by boiling at a high temperature,

Solid wood furniture can also be made out of slats and veneers by woodworking machinery,

These two are the important material of reproduction set material, big core board.

Both manufacturing technology and common joinery board, integrated material manufacturing.

Because recycled plywood is a large piece of veneer,

The production of recycled plywood from used furniture materials is small.

7. Non-wood pulverized sawdust is combined with plastic powder to make wood-plastic composite materials.

Used for outdoor furniture, wood-plastic pallets, automobile industry, and so on.