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Electric Wood Chipper Production Is Down

The output of wood mills is a point that many people are very concerned about.

Because the level of output will directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises, and there are many factors that affect the output.

A lot of people panic when they see a drop in production and they don’t know what to do about it,

In fact, at this time we should stay calm and examine these factors bit by bit,

Finding the root cause of the problem and then fixing it will restore the original production,

Daily maintenance and maintenance are certainly indispensable if you want to further production.

Today to tell you what factors will lead to a decline in the output of the wood mills.

First of all, component wear is the primary cause of the decline in the output of the wood crusher.

Because wood shredders use blades to crush raw materials,

After a long time of use, the blade will inevitably appear to be worn and torn.

At this time the maintenance and maintenance of the blade is essential,

If not, the performance of the blade will decline.

Which leads to the decline of the overall crushing efficiency and output of the wood mill,

Once we find that the blade is worn, we can use a knife grinder to polish it,

If you can’t fix it, you have to replace it with a new blade.

There is also a relationship with raw materials, such as the hardness of raw materials, texture, humidity, and so on,

Some people just started grinding raw materials with very low hardness and texture,

This also allows wood shredders to grind easily,

When changing to a material with higher hardness and texture for grinding,

Because of the increasing difficulty of wood crushing, the output and crushing efficiency of the wood crushing machines will decrease.

This led many people to believe that there was a problem with the equipment, which was actually caused by a problem with the raw materials,

The humidity of raw materials will also affect the output and crushing efficiency of the wood mills.

Let’s say you have the same ingredients but one with high humidity and one with low humidity,

Raw materials with high humidity will not only increase the crushing difficulty of the wood mill,

At the same time, because its viscosity is too high, it is easy to attach to blades, discharge pipes, screens, and other places.

In light cases, the output and grinding efficiency will decrease, and in serious cases, it will lead to blocking failure.

Some ingredients that are too low in humidity don’t have these problems,

And the yield and crushing efficiency are higher than that of raw materials with high humidity.

So some ingredients that are too wet before they are crushed,

We can use the dryer to dry the raw materials first,

In reducing its humidity in the use of wood mill to crush processing.