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What Is The Use Of Wood After It Is Crushed

Many people have a question: what is the use of this wood after it is pulverized? Let’s talk about it today:

First of all, there are many kinds of wood, such as wood, wood chips, veneer, and some agricultural processing residue, such as straw, corn cob, bark, straw, and so on.

1, crushed branches can be used for processing fiberboard and particleboard, widely used in the furniture industry.

2, can be used as raw materials for papermaking.

3. The crushed branches are processed into mechanical charcoal raw materials again, which have stronger burning energy and are more convenient to use.

The burning material we often see at some night market stalls is machine-made charcoal.

4, can do biological raw materials, in the poultry industry can be seen smashing the value of branches.

5, wood after primary crushing, not only can be used as fuel but also can be transported to power plants, boiler plants, and other places.

There is a demand for small timber in these places, so the broken timber can be sent directly to these places.

Large scrap wood crusher can be broken into all kinds of large pieces of scrap furniture, building template, wood-based board, particleboard, packaging board, container, cedar, pine, ebony, and round wood crusher.

It is also suitable for the crushing and recycling of all kinds of waste wood, medicinal materials, rubber wood, old wood sofa, wood doors, wood brackets, wood, and so on. It can also be further processed after crushing.

Deeply processed sawdust can be used for paper making, machine-made charcoal, organic fertilizer, fiberboard, sawdust board, biomass particles, edible fungi, xylitol, livestock feed, bedding, etc.

More in the future, the utilization of wood will be higher.