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Mobile Wood Crusher Operation Matters Needing Attention

In addition to choosing the right equipment,

Installation and daily maintenance are also critical, not only related to normal use,

The qualified rate and output of finished products are also related to the service life of mechanical equipment.

As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of crushing equipment,

We have many years of strength and experience in design, production, installation, and maintenance.

According to the equipment condition, the following points for attention are summarized:

1. First of all, please cooperate with the professional installation personnel assigned by the company to do the basic work of the site and foundation construction;

2, with electricity as the power, should find a professional reasonable layout of the line. Power lines and facilities shall be standardized and neat, and shall not be installed or used without authorization.

3. After the machine enters the site, the installation personnel should carry out a static check on the unit repeatedly and systematically, and conduct a dynamic no-load trial operation for 3-5 minutes after confirming no abnormality. Put into operation.

4, in the process of operation, carefully check the processed materials and remove nails, stones, wire, and other hard objects, so as not to cause personal injury and machine damage.

5, operators are strictly prohibited to wear gloves. When feeding, you should stand on one side of the crusher to prevent rebound debris from injuring your face. Do not hold long-stemmed plants too tightly in case of accidents.

6. During operation, no one shall stand near the feeding port and the turning point of the blade hammer. Pay close attention to the working condition of the wood crusher. If vibration, abnormal sound, bearing and parts temperature is too high, or outward spatter is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and continue working after troubleshooting.

7, in case of congestion, or overload, should stop immediately. Do not use sticks or hand force-feeding, so as not to hurt the arm, damage the machine. At the end of each shift, the unit shall be inspected and maintained to ensure that the operating unit is in good condition.