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Wood Pellet Fuel Uses And Advantages

In this paper, we will introduce wood pellet fuel in detail.

As is known to all, human survival and economic development cannot do without energy.  

With the rapid growth of the world’s energy demand, the conventional energy resources represented by coal, oil, and natural gas will eventually be exhausted.

The massive use of these fossil fuels will lead to a series of serious environmental pollution problems. 

Therefore, it is an important way to solve the energy crisis and environmental problems to vigorously improve energy utilization efficiency,

develop low pollution and renewable new energy represented by the high and new technology of wood pellet fuel, and gradually replace oil, coal, natural gas, and other non-renewable energy.  

Introduction to wood pellet Fuel:

As a kind of combustible fuel, biomass pellet fuel has been widely used in national production.  

Biomass pellet fuel is processed by biomass, wood particles, compression molding change its density, strength, combustion performance, fuel density, its shape, and loose material density “inseparable”,  

Limit the volatile spill rate, prolong the volatile combustion time, most of the combustion reactions only notify the fuel surface.  

Biomass pellet fuel can maximize the recycling of waste, made into pellet fuel, can replace coal, oil,

and other non-renewable energy is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection fuel. 

Advantages of biomass pellet fuel:

1, sealed plastic bags, convenient transportation, clean and safe.

2.  Solid particles, high density, small volume, convenient storage.

3, high volatile fuel, easy ignition combustion.

4, the high calorific value of fuel, low moisture, good combustion effect.

5, carbon dioxide can achieve ecological “zero” emissions, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide is better than diesel, emissions fully meet the target, to achieve emission reduction.

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