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Animal Feed Crusher Advantages And Introduction

In this article, we will describe the animal feed crusher in detail.  

As the main equipment of the feed industry, animal feed crusher is an important factor affecting feed quality,

feed output, and feed processing cost.   

Therefore, in feed production,

it is very important to master the comminution process and choose the appropriate comminution equipment.

Introduction of animal feed crusher:

Animal feed hammer crusher is mainly used to break a solid material into small pieces under the action of mechanical force.  

The operation of breaking a material mechanically to overcome its internal cohesion is called crushing or fine grinding.

turning small pieces of material into a fine powder is called fine grinding.  

Crushing and fine powder habit is also known as crushing.  

When a solid material is divided into small pieces or fine powder, the surface area per unit weight increases,

thus increasing the reaction rate of physical and chemical reactions.

Mainly used for straw, sorghum straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rape straw, wood chips, and other granular grain raw materials coarse crushing and fiber processing.

Structure of animal feed crusher:

Bearing table and knife table in the same plane, shorten the length of the spindle, so the structure is compact, the screen is stepped,

increase the Angle of the screen plate, increase the powder discharge area, good crushing effect, convenient replacement of the screen plate.

Hammer crusher, with bearing table, fixed knife table, filter plate, mesh frame,

its characteristic is that the bearing table and fixed knife table are cast in

the same plane reserved hole low housing mesh frame fixed screw in the housing ladder formation lower, its circumference is oval.

Animal feed crusher advantage:

1, the working hammer adopts a new casting process, wear resistance, impact resistance.  

2, granularity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.  

3. Hammer the sealing of the body structure to solve the problems of dust pollution and body leakage in the crushing workshop.  

4, the overall design has the advantages of beautiful shape, compact structure, less wearing parts,

convenient maintenance is the upgrading of products.  

5, compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance, easy maintenance.