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Biomass Pellet Machine

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Capacity: 1.5-1.8
Power: 110/132kw
Engine: electromotor
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Product Application

Raw material and working principle:

Biomass pellet raw materials from a wide range of sources, wood processing,

and wood-based panel produced in the sawdust,

shavings, bark, sanding powder, waste wood, branches;

All kinds of stalks produced after the harvest of crops;

Other kinds of combustible biomass as raw material, do not need to add adhesive,

through the equipment processing, can be biomass pellet fuel.

Wood pellet machine is a belt and worm gear two-stage transmission, smooth rotation, low noise.

It is a pelletizing machine popular with consumers.

The wood pellet motor drives the main shaft through the reducer, and the main shaft drives the press wheel.

The press wheel revolves around the main shaft and rotates around the grinding disc. Biomass,

when the particles are processed raw material is fed into a flat die machine feeding chamber,

under the common role of distributor and scraper evenly on the flat die,

driven spindle roller continuous rolled material layer,

squeezing material into the die, material in the die hole forming type, such as process,

after a certain time in the cylindrical form being squeezed out, rotating knife cutting the material,

the formation of particles, particles composed sweep plate will send out.

Product Features:

1. It is widely used for pelletizing light substances, such as wood chips,

sawdust, straw, pasture, chrysanthemum, palm leaf, and so on;

2. The feeder’s special structure makes materials conveyed evenly.

It is specially designed for pelletizing of  light substances with the density of 0.15-0.65g/cm3;

3. Feeder, conditioner, and chute are made of stainless steel with long service life;

4. It is with magnet and overload protection system which can protect machine well during production;

5. It makes gear directly-connecting as the driver and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps,

which can increase the output by 15% more than the same type of machine with belt-convey;

6. The bearings and oil seals in the main drivers are imported from Japan to ensure highly-efficient, stability, and credibility.

7. The main drive adopts high-precision gear transmission, improving the efficiency by about 20%.

8. High-quality imported bearings and oil seals are selected for the transmission part of the whole machine to ensure efficiency,

stable and low noise transmission.

9. The international advanced level of compensation type snake-spring coupling, with a novel structure, compact, safe,

low fault and other performance.

10. Strengthen the working strength of main working parts from materials, heat treatment, and other processes,

so as to meet the pelleting requirements of biomass particles.200-300kg per hour flat die type wood pellet machine

Biomass wood pellet application:

Civilian heating: high use ratio and easily

Biomass industrial boiler: be used as the main fuel of the industrial boiler, solve the problem of environmental pollution.

Power generation: be as the fuel of thermal power generation.

Brief introduction of Wood Pellets Machine straw pellet production line wood sawdust pellet production line

wood pellet machine line pellet making machine wood pellet production line biomass pellet machine

wood pellet mill wood pellet production line

On the market, there are two types of wood pellet machine,

flat die and ring die(horizontal type and vertical ring die pellet machine)

Wood pellets machine also called wood pellet making machine, pellet press machine

is biomass equipment that is used to press small size wood into 6/8mm wood pellets.

Rotex Master wood pellets machine belongs to the 6th Vertical ring die.

Double layer, both sides can be used, enhanced the lifetime of spare parts and reduce cost.

(1)Big Gear BoxThe gearbox adopts independent research and development big 3 level drive,

module increased, gear strengths increased, carrying more and more ability.

The service life increased 8-10 times that the traditional reducer, greatly increasing the service life.

(2) Casting material of gearbox with high stability. Gearbox body is cast.

Its advantages have strong, good heat dissipation, low heat deformation, high steady, etc.

Avoid disadvantages of the bad sealing for welding body, easily deformation due to high heat, low steady in basis, etc.

(3) Siemens Brand Motor: Motor of biomass pellet machine use Siemens Brand.

This kind of motor is the frequency and has a thick copper coil, it won’t be burned due to instantaneous current.

(4) Parallel vertical installation reduces energy consumption loss.

The motor and main shaft of the wood pellet machine supplier are parallel verticals installed,

which can reduce energy consumption loss in the process of.

Kind Note: Wood pellet machine replaces product every day and production ends

1. Inspection work: clean the magnet in the feeding inlet;

2. Clean the rotor of the blocking sensor;

3. Check the degree of dirty of the temperature sensor;

4. Check the degree of dirty of the air suction device;

5. Clean the machine and the environment.

The wood pellet machine checks at least once a month after every 250 hours of operation

1. Check the tension of the V-belt (the first time should be checked after 2 hours and 24 hours of work);

2. Check the wear of the blades in the conditioner;

3. Adjust the wear of the feeding scraper and the blade;

4. Check the wear of the scraper.

Wood pellet machine after working for 1000 hours

1. Check the position (gap) of the ring die in the wear ring;

2. Check the clearance of the main bearing at least once every quarter;

3. Check the bearing clearance when adjusting the roller after each mold change.

4. Check the bearing on the main shaft of the pressure roller frame when removing the pressure roller;

5. Check the isolation ring when removing the main bearing.

Check the emergency bearing sleeve lubrication requirements in the rack

1. Lubricate the press roller at least once every 4 hours of continuous operation.

It is also recommended to add a small amount of lubrication every 1 hour of operation

(Butter the roll at the end of each process – to prevent material from entering.

The butter in the roll shrinks as it cools, and the material is pulled into the bearing)

2. Lubricate the spindle bearing every 8 hours.

3. Change gearbox oil every 2000 hours or every 6 months.

4. Check the oil level of the feeder drive device once a week and add a little oil to the roller chain drive.

5. Lubricate the bearings of the conditioner and the feeder shaft once.

Wide range of raw material biomass fuel pellets:

Nearly all forestry and agro-waste material can be made into wood pellets by our ring die wood pellet mill, such as: 

Wood Chips, Shaving, Sawdust, Groundnutshell, Sugarcane, Caster Shells/Stalk, Coffee Husk, Paddy Straw, Sunflower Stalk,

Cotton Stalks, Tobacco Waste, Mustard Stalk, Jute Waste, Bamboo Dust, Tea Waste, Wheat Straw, Palm husk, Soybeans Husk,

Coir Pitch Barks/Straws, Rice Husks, etc.

Product parameters

Moder XD420 XD508 XD680
Capacity(t/h) 1-1.5 1.5-1.8 2-3
Main Motor Power(kW) 75/90 110/132 185/200
Feeder Power(kW) 2.2 3 4
Forced Feeder(kW) 1.1 1.5 1.5
Inner Diameter Of Ring Die(mm) 420 508 688
Pellet Diameter(mm) 6-10 6-10 6-10


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