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Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer production line
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Chicken Manure Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Categories: Fertilizer Engineering
Capacity: 2t/h
Power: 380kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer production line 6

Product Application

Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer production line brief introduction:

Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of biological organic manure that uses chicken manure as the main raw materials and mixed with other organics,

after fermentation, compost, pre-treatment, they finally make it into biomass fertilizer.

After the fermentation of chicken manure, it is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer.

The nutrient content of chicken manure is very rich. It has a large amount of organic matter and a relatively high three-factor nutrient

which contain organic matter content of 25.5%, nitrogen 1.63%, phosphor 1.54%, potassium 0.85%, and carbohydrate 11%, so chicken manure was an important organic fertilizer.

Raw material:

urban kitchen waste refers to the solid waste produced from food during the production, transportation, distribution and

consumption, the main physicochemical property is with high moisture content, high organics content,

high fat and salt content, kinds trace element content, easy to rotten and smelly.

Flow process introduction:

single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line is to ferment and compost the urban kitchen waste,

after the drying process, the material will go into the workshop for grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, and bagging process,
finally, into bio-organic fertilizer, this project could produce 2tons organic fertilizer pellets per hour,
the total power of the machine is about 380kw, the occupy of main work is 2400m2 including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse,
the whole line is characterized by a compact design and reasonable structure, and satisfied by environment protection requirements,
meanwhile, it can be directed to customers’ design.

Technological process chart:

Fermentation and compost process —pre-treatment process—grinding process— mixing process–pelleting and bagging process

Fermentation and composting processes:

pile the blended ingredient up to strip which is 1.5-2meters wide, 0.8-1.2meters high, and length is no less than 3meters, during

the fermentation, be careful with suitable oxygen supply and turning.

Pre-treatment process:

Use the dedicated organic fertilizer chain grinder to break up the fermented raw material,

then remove the impurities from the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stones,

blocked materials by drum precleaner, after that use the drum dryer drying raw materials to approx. 20%.

Grinding process:

the material will be transported to the grinder for grinding, iron-remover will be equipped before the grinder. materials to approx. 20%.

Mixing and fungus adding process :

Mixing process: The bacteria added through microelements adding hopper can be mixed with raw material in the mixer,

after evenly mixing, the mixture will enter into the next process.

Pelleting and bagging process :

Pelleting process: adopt dedicated organic fertilizer ring die pellet mill with the suitable linear velocity,

high accuracy gear-driven pellet mill has higher driving efficiency, ring die is quick-loaded clamp type.

Cooling packaging process:

choose flip-type cooler which can prevent the broken of pellets. vibration screener under the cooler could sift the un-shaped powder.
According to the customer’s local sales needs, the appropriate packing scale is selected for customers to sell products more easily.
Packing specification: 20-50kg/bag.

Product parameters

Moder · 2T Chicken Manure Bin-organic Fertilizer Production Line
Compost equipment LYFP-3, power: 19.5kw, output 300 m3/h
Drying equipment LYHG1.6*15, drum diameter 1.6m, length 15m, power 8kw, output 3-3.5t/h
grinding equipment FFSP66×60,55kw, designed output 3-4T/H.
Mixer SDHJ1, power 15kw, output: 1m3/batch
pellet mill FZLH508 with 132kw, output 3-4t/h
cooler FKLB2.5, cooling chamber volume 2.5m3, output 3-4t/h
Packing equipment SDBLY-PD belt packing scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.
the occupy of main work is 2400m2


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