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Cow dung bio-organic fertilizer production line
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Cow Dung Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

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Capacity: 10-12t/h
Power: 1050kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Cow dung bio-organic fertilizer production line:  

Cow dung organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment for processing organic fertilizer with cow dung as raw material. 

Cow dung can make the soil soft, improve soil compaction, improve soil fertility. 

Straw, rice bran (containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), and other crops can also be used as filler, plus biological agents as fermentation materials.  

Raw material:  

Cow dung is the main raw material of bio-organic fertilizer.  

Cow dung can be fermented into high-quality organic fertilizer products. 

The contents of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in cow manure were 14.5%, 0.30-0.45%, 0.15-0.25% and 0.10-0.15% respectively. 

Cow manure organic fertilizer is a kind of cold fertilizer, all kinds of livestock organic matter and nutrient content is low,

fine texture, slow decomposition, low heat, is a kind of slow effect fertilizer, suitable for base fertilizer.  

Process Introduction:  

FZLH508 cow manure bio-organic fertilizer production line is the cow manure and straw,

rice husk and other organic compounds after mixing, composting fermentation, drying pretreatment,

and then into the processing workshop, after crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging, and other processes,

made of bio-organic fertilizer.  The whole line is 10 to 12 tons of organic fertilizer particles per hour,

the total power is 1050 kilowatts, the plant covers an area of 4000 square meters,

including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse; 

The whole line design is compact, reasonable, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and can be customized according to customer requirements.  

Process flow:  

Fermentation composting process → pretreatment process → grinding process → mixing process → granulating and bagging process.

Fermentation and composting processes:  

Aerobic fermentation and secondary anaerobic fermentation  A good oxygen fermentation,

good mixing ingredients into 1.5 m to 2 m wide, 0.8 m to 1.2 m high, the length should not be less  Above 3 meters,

attention should be paid to the oxygen in the proper fermentation process and turn over the pile (when the temperature reaches 75℃ or above should turn over several times),

the temperature is controlled within 65℃, high temperature has an impact on nutrition. 

Compost is heated in 2 days, odorless in 3 days, lose in 7 days, fragrant in 9 days, and fertilized in 10 days.  

Secondary anti-pruritic fermentation is called the post-aging stage, also known as secondary fermentation. 

The material can decompose after 7 days and enter the aging stage.  Then it enters the pretreatment granulation stage in the workshop.  

Pre-treatment process:
That is the organic fertilizer after good fermentation was crushed, screened, and dried.

The special chain type grinder for organic manure is widely used in composting of bio-organic fermentation,
composting of urban household waste, grass-mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, and composting of livestock and poultry waste.
The allowable value of water content of organic fertilizer for biological fermentation was 25 to 55%,
which solved the problem of highwater-containing organics comminution.

The roller cleaning screen can clean the impurities in the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stones, materials, and so on,

to prevent the next process of mechanical equipment, transport equipment, and other failures or damage.
The primary screen is characterized by high output, less power consumption, simple structure, small space, easy maintenance, and easy installation.

The roller dryer is used for drying raw materials with excessive moisture and drying the raw materials with about 20% moisture.
The granulating molding of the following sections is done once. The roller dryer adopts a cast steel integral structure with high strength and stable operation.
The special design and reasonable layout of the feeding plate in the drum can fully mix the materials and hot air.
The outer layer of the tube is insulated to prevent heat loss and improve heat utilization.
Grinding process:

In the process of comminution, the dried material is sent to hammer mill  Through conveying equipment,

iron removal device is provided in front of the hammer mill.  Hammermill for water drop type structure, high crushing efficiency. 

The grinding rotor can be operated in positive and sum  Negative ways to increase the lifespan of the hammer. 

Using direct drive motor drive mode, transmission efficiency is  High, easy maintenance.  

The hammer mill is a water drop structure with high crushing efficiency.

The grinding rotor can be operated in a positive and negative ways to increase the service life of the hammer blade.

Adopt the direct motor drive mode,  the transmission efficiency is high, the maintenance is convenient.  

Stirring and adding bacteria process:  

The fungus seeds and raw materials are added to the mixer for mixing through the microelement adding hopper  After mixing well,

proceed to the next section.  

Single shaft paddle mixer is suitable for mixing organic or inorganic compound fertilizer with high uniformity and low residue  

◆ Stainless steel material, specially designed seal, and blade structure.

Pelleting and bagging process: 

In the pelleting process of FZLH508 three-line cow manure bio-organic fertilizer,

the pelleted feeding screw is used to feed evenly, so that the pelleting process is uniform  

Shot-making machine continuously feeding, cooling shot-making machine,

finished product shot-making machine automatically weighing, packaging and transport to the warehouse.  

The pelleted spindle is driven by high strength gear, and the ring die is quick-release ring hoop type. 

The efficiency is about 20% higher than the belt type.

The whole transmission adopts a high-quality imported bearing and oil seal to ensure high efficiency, stability, and low noise. 

International advanced compensation snake spring coupling, novel structure, compact, safe, low fault performance.  

The cooler adopts the counter-current cooling principle to cool the pellets with high temperature and high humidity,

avoiding the sudden cooling phenomenon caused by direct contact between cold air and hot material,

thus preventing the surface cracking of the pellet production line.  Pneumatic or hydraulic push flap discharge structure,

smooth operation, low residue  Octagonal with observation ports around. 

Adopt upper and lower material level control, highly uniform  It is suitable for bio-organic fertilizer granule cooling.  

Third line FZLH508 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer in the packaging process using packaging scale. According to the  

According to the local sales needs of customers, choose the appropriate packaging scale, convenient for customers to sell products.  There are  

There are usually two sizes: small bag and ton bag.  20-50kg/ bag, ton bag 500-1000kg/ bag.

The weighing system is a sensor measuring system with high sensitivity  Strong anti-interference ability.  

Product parameters

Moder 10-12t Cow dung bio-organic fertilizer production line
Compost equipment LYLP-9, power 50.5kw, output 300 m3/h.
Drying equipment LYHG3.0*18, roller diameter 3m, length 18m, power 30kw
Grinding equipment FFSP66*120, power 160kw, design output 10-12tph
Hybrid equipment SDHJ4, power: 45kw, design output: 4m3/batch
Pelleting equipment FZLH508, power: 160kw, Design output 3-4tph, quantity: 3 sets.
Packing equipment SDBLY-PD belt type scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.
the workshop covers an area of 4000 ㎡


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