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Farming Feed Machine
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Crushing And Mixing Machine

Categories: Farming Feed Machine
Capacity: 500-1500kg
Power: 7.5-15kw
Engine: diesel engine,gasoline engine
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Product Application

Product introduction:

1. Vertical type animal feed factory equipment combined crushing machine and mixing machine together, they are one machine.

2. Function of grinder machine: Materials will be crushed after they come into the crushing chamber

with the high rotating speed hammer blow and sieve plate under the action of friction. After being crushed,

they will be discharged through the bottom outlet of the machine.

3. Function of mixing machine mixer impeller transport the crushed raw materials to

the main chamber with the main shaft inside to mix raw materials together. Powder feeds are poured down along the mixer.

The machine will stop working until crushed feeds is blended.

4. This machine can premix, concentrate, full-price powder raw materials. premix, concentrate full price powder.

Features and Advantages:

A. Copper motor: more powerful, low heating, low noise, energy-saving.

B. Good sealing, fast smashing, the self-priming ability is further improved.

C. Outlet: pedal style design, easy to discharge, speed controllable.

D. Inlet: wide-open design, easy to feed.

E. Support angle iron: connecting the inlet and the leg, stable structure.


1. Both functions: crushing and mixing

2. Low power consumption and small space occupied

3. Simple structure and easy to assemble and unassemble

4. Working with a screw conveyor will save more time ad labor.

5. It’s ideal equipment in small poultry feed plants and production lines, also suitable for food, flour, chemical, etc. Industry.

Product parameters

Model XD-500 XD-1000 XD-2000 XD-3000
Mixer power 3kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Grinder power 7.5kw 7.5/11kw 11kw 15kw
Production (kg/h) 800-1000kg/h(11kwgrinder)1000-2000kg/h(11kwgrinder) 1200-1500kg/h(15kw grinder)
Widthofcrushing chamber Φ530mm



155×1720(11/15kw grinder) 155x1720Castiron(11/15kw grinder)
200×1500(11/15kw grinder)

Shape size(mm) 1800x1000x2400 2200x1250x2800 2700x1750x3200 3000x1800x3500
Voltage 380v


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