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customized feed pellet production line
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Customized Feed Pellet Production Line

Categories: Feed Engineering
Capacity: 1t/h
Power: 63kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Brief introduction for flow process

SYHF1000 automatic premix is designed by 1t/batch (about 6tph), in which the carrier and the microelement are separated to be weighed automatically by the computer.

One unit of single shaft mixer, one unit of automatic bagging machine especially for premix feed. The total power is about 63kw.

The construction area of the production workshop is about: 12*11*33m.

The whole line is with compact design, reasonable structure, suitable to environmental requirement, which can be customized especially by customers demands.

Premix feed definition:

Premix feed is the brief name of the additive premixed feed.

It is proportioned with one kind or various kinds of microelement(include all kinds of the micro mineral element, vitamins, Synthetic amino acid, some medicine, and some other additive, etc.)

with diluent or isotopic carrier, and then evenly mixed to be made into intermediate type feed products. Premix feed is the important part of complete formula feed.

Raw material:

The raw materials are mainly diluent or isotopic carriers, adding kinds of vitamins, minerals, and medicines.

The feature of premix raw material is a small amount, numerous varieties, and mainly powder type.

technological process:

RM receiving and cleaning process — batching and mixing process– packing process– Auxiliary process

Product parameters

Model Total Power(kw) Output(t/h) FloorArea(m)(L*W*H)
SYHF1000 63 1 12*11*33
Note: We can equip the suitable main machine according to customer’s

requirements and can specially design the size of a factory and technical format, etc.


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