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Wood Shredder
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Disc Wood Chipper

Categories: Wood Shredder
Capacity: 1-8t/h
Power: 15-110kw
Engine: diesel engine,gasoline engine
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Product Application

Wood chipper machine introduction:

1. Our disc wood chipper which specially designed for round logs, waste wood, bamboo, slabs, planks, tree bark, tree branches, stalk, etc.

2. This disc wood chipper is mainly composed of the cutter head, shaft, bearing shell, frame, etc.

It has different outputs, customers can select according to their processing capacity.

3. This disc wood chipper is less investment and low energy consumption, easy operation, high efficiency, good economic returns, easy maintenance.

Wood chipper machine structure:

The wood chipper machine is mainly composed of an engine base, feeding inlet, cutter, machine frame, electronic control.

The machine can produce different specifications and thickness wood chips by adjusting the blades according to the need.

Wood chipper machine working principle:

The wood material is sent into the machine through a feeding inlet and cut by a high-speed operation blade fixed on

the cutter and then the finished wood chip sent out of the cutting chamber by high-speed air produced by the operation cutter.

The main uses of wood chips:

1. The material for papermaking;

2. The material for board making;

3. The pre-production material of wood powder;

4. can also be used as bio-energy.

Wood chipper machine advantages/features:

1. Compact structure and considerable layout;

2. Easy to install, operate and maintain;

3. Small size, less space occupying, high production efficiency, low investment, high-profit return;

4. Product good quality wood chips and the size can be adjusted;

5. Long service life, low noise, stable working situation;

6. Can use electrical motor/diesel motor according to customer’s needs;

7. Can Install the wheels, Cyclone, and make other customized designs for customers

Product parameters

Model XD-600 XD-700 XD-1000 XD-1200
Cutter Diameter(mm) 590 690 990 1190
Blade Number 4 4 4 4-6
Blade Size(mm) 150*80*10 180*80*10 260*90*10 280*90*10
Feeding Inlet Size(mm) 180*200 200*200 280*320 360*360
Main Shaft Speed(R/min) 680 650 600 550
Capacity(kg/h) 1000-1500 2000-2500 3000-4000 6000-8000
Motor(kw) 15 22 45-75 75-110
Diesel Engine(hp) 15-18 22-35 4108 6105


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