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Feed Granulator

Categories: Pellet Machine
Capacity: 60-1800kg/h
Power: 4-37kw
Engine: diesel engine,gasoline engine
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Product Application

Animal feed pellet machine introduction:

The working theory of the feed pellet machine is that granulation is pressed out from the die hole under the extrusion of the roller pressure,

the length of the pellets can be conveniently adjusted, various additive drugs can be added to the processed feed pellets,

and the surface of the processed granule is smooth and clean. The hardness is moderate and the internal ripening degree is deep.

Dry in dry out, easy to seal and store, natural temperature to 70-80 degrees can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites,

and ensure feed quality, can be used to raise rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products, etc.

Features and Advantages:

1. This pellet mill is the key equipment for producing pellet feed, with high output, good performance,

low energy consumption, low noise, and beautiful appearance characters.

It is the ideal equipment for pressing poultry, livestock, and fish pellet feed.

2. The feeding system adopts stepless speed-changing motor control, adjusts speed conveniently and reliably.

Could be equipped with microcomputer automatic control system adjusts feed-in quantity and throttle flow automatically,

make pellet mill in the best working condition all the time;

3. User-friendly operation. Wide product range: Φ3mm~Φ8mm pellets; quick and precise operation, low labor intensity;

hygienic and CE standard design for feed, human, and machine safety; fully-automatic control;

4. Good pellet quality. Efficient conditioner, excellent pellet formability, and durability; patented adjustable cutter and uniform pellet;

5. All stainless steel feeders, change pitch Anti-arch devices, import inverter speed control;

6. Bold lengthen folder conditioner, built-in steam collection can adjust ripening materials fully and uniformly to ensure high-quality feed;

7. With iron removal and overload protection devices; advanced snake-coupling spring, stainless steel doors, and covered chute;

8. High precision gear driving is adopted, resulting in high driving efficiency and stable working.

9. The imported bearing and oil seal are used for key positions of a drive of the machine so that the machine has long service life and low noise;

10. The feed pellet machine is fitted with deranging and overload protection device and protection on the machine is fully considered during the operation;

Matters need attention:

1. The new machine for the first time must be run or otherwise can’t be used normally.

2. When the pellet machine is working, don’t reach into the input hopper by hand. If necessary, you can use a stick to help.

3. Before the machine is turned on, you need to add a little mixture before starting.

When the machine is shut down, please leave a little mixture in the machine to prevent the roller and the template from idling.

4. When the machine is working, and the phenomenon of stuck happens, should immediately stop and make the roller pressed to the bolt lose,

and then restart the machine.

5. Each time the work is completed, the bolt of the adjusting roller must be released.

6. If the machine is used for a certain period of time or squeeze out a certain amount of pellets and the

pellets are made into pieces or the pellets are broken, the template should be turned to the bottom, and 2%-4% water should be added to the mixture.

7. Please often check the belt tightness to prevent the emergence of low yield, belt slippery, and so on.

8. Before starting, firstly add gear oil to the gearbox reaching 2/3 of the horizontal axis.

Pellet machine in the first use should work in low load for 40 hours or so, and then replace the gearbox gear oil,

100 hours after the regular replacement. All bearings should be regularly filled with grease.

9. Particle machine works continuously and then the motor fever reaches to 70 degrees Celsius, it is a normal phenomenon.

Product parameters

Model XD-125 XD-150 XD-210 XD-230 XD-260 XD-300 XD-400
Output 60-80kg 90-150kg 200-300kg 300-400kg 500-600kg 800-900kg 1400-1800kg
Voltage 220v 220/380v 380v 380v 380v 380v 380v
Power 3kw 3-4kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 22kw 30kw
Diesel engine 8hp 8hp 12hp 18hp 22hp 30hp 35hp
Weight 75kg 85kg 180kg 265kg 320kg 460kg 800kg
Add Water 2 3 3 3 3 4 4
Overall Size 75*32*70 78*33*77 100*43*95 118*58*112 126*46*115 138*55*125 160*80*170


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