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Feed Pellet Bagging Scale

Categories: Production line equipment
Capacity: 10-12 bag/min
Power: 4kw
Engine: electromotor
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Product Application

Product Description:

Feed granule bagging scale: mainly used for quantitative packing of bulk materials, granule materials, and coarse powder materials.

* Imported control instrument, weighing sensor, pneumatic actuator, high measurement accuracy, and stable performance;

* Automatic error correction, positive and negative error alarm, fault diagnosis, and other functions;

* Adopting belt conveyor feeding mode with combining two-speed motor and material layer control to ensure conveying speed and precision;

* The conveying feeding mechanism is equipped with a scraping device to prevent

the material from entering the inner side of the belt and causing the belt to run off;

* Sealed bag-holding mechanism and door plate have no residual structure,

and the bag-returning device has no residual powder returning design to prevent material residue and dust;

*Easy-to-operate belt anti-deviation adjustment device and V-belt pre-tensioning adjustment device for easy maintenance;

* Unique double-layer anti-side leakage design to prevent material leakage;

Equipment allocation:

Sensor: Ningbo coli/Toledo(Specific allocation according to customer requirements)

Weighing instrument: Zhimei

Division value:10g

The scale body material:-3/Q235

German NORD two-speed motor

Self-contained weighing bucket and packing bucket

Accumulated packet display, overload alarm, power-down memory

Product parameters

Motor 1.5kw
Weighing accurcy static state≤0.1%,dynamic state≤0.2%
Weinghing speed 5-8 bag/min(single scale), 10-12 bag/min(double scale)
Each package weighing 20-50Kg
Weight shown 7-segment green LED light-emitting diode
LED shown Adopt double display mode of gross weight and net weight
decimal point position Four different locations are available
Standard The output adopts RS232 standard


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