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Wood Shredder
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Large Wood Chipper

Categories: Wood Shredder
Capacity: 1-8t/h
Power: 22-110kw
Engine: diesel engine,gasoline engine
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Product Application

Crusher Introduction:

The branches, leaves, weeds, crop straw, straw, and so on directly into the mobile branch crusher machine crushing.

After the debris on the spot treatment, can be returned to the field for fertilizer, crushed weeds can be fed to cattle and sheep,

compared to the original burning on the spot clean environmental protection does not pollute the air.

It is suitable for fruit farms, forest farms, tea factories, nurseries, gardens, etc.,

The wood crusher is also suitable for parks, schools, enterprises, urban communities, branches, branches, leaves crushers,

it can be used for the edible mushroom substrate.

Working principle of crusher:

This mobile branch crusher machine makes fine, the processing technology is high, it uses the double-layer body,

the machine body infuses the tap water to play the water cooling function,

the wood chipper also loaded a new material can get the function of the sound insulation and the heat dissipation.

Therefore, the noise of this branch crusher machine is small and vibration-free in production and use.

Beautiful appearance, durability, and high output, 50% higher than the traditional wood powder machine efficiency,

the wood crusher is the best ideal powder crusher production equipment currently.

Crusher advantages/features:

1. High-quality engineering steel, high strength, and durability

2. Increase the feed inlet and make feeding more convenient

3. High-speed steel blade, strong crushing ability

4. High power, production efficiency 200-450KG / hour *High-quality gasoline engine, work more stable

5. Widely used in all kinds of places that need to crush branches and leaves

Product parameters

Model XD-6130 XD-6145 XD-6160
Cutter Drum Diameter(mm) 300 500 800
Power 32hp/22kw 102hp/75kw 150hp/110kw
Speed Rpm 2600 1800 1400
Knife 3 4 6
Knife Length(mm) 300 230 200
Diameter Of Feed Roller(mm) 280 600 800
Inlet Size(mm) 300*200 450*380 600*540
Discharge Direction 360° 360° 360°
Output 1-2t/h 3-5t/h 5-8t/h
Max Feed Diameter(mm) 150 200 300


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