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Log biomass pellet production line
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Log Biomass Pellet Production Line

Categories: Biomass Engineering
Capacity: 15t/h
Power: 3270kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Log biomass pellet production line:  

Using wood as raw material, after pretreatment and processing, solidified and extruded into high-density pellet fuel. 

It can save energy, reduce emissions, will produce good economic and social benefits.  

Raw Material:

There are mainly lots of pines, firs, acacia trees, beech trees, eucalyptus trees, and other trees.

Introduction to flow diagram:

After debarking the branches and trunks of logs, the logs are cut into small chips by the chipper.

The size of the chips is 20-30mm and the thickness is 5-10mm, then be finely ground into the sawdust of 3-4mm by the hammer mill;

next, the raw material is dried to about 15% through a three-layer drum dryer; finally is pelleted, the diameter of finished pellets is 6-10mm for choosing.

After pelleting and cooling, it is packed into 20-50kg/ bag by small bag packing scale for convenient transportation and sale.

The capacity of log pellet complete project is 15tph biomass pellets line, the total power of whole line equipment is about 3270 kW,

and the plant covers an area of 6500 m2, including raw material storage and finished product storage.

The whole line’s design is compact, the structure is reasonable, meets the requirements of environmental protection,

and can be directed designed according to customers’ requirements.

technological process:

Debarking Process—Chipping Process–Grinding Process

–Drying Process–Pelleting Process–Cooling&Bagging Process

Debarking Process:

Raw material debarking can improve the heat value of finished pellets, reduce ash residue after combustion of finished pellets and reduce emissions.

Chipping Process:

The chipping process of the log pellet complete project is to process the wood logs into wood chips, the size is 20-30mm,

the thickness is about 3mm, and then enter the processing of the following sections.

Grinding process: 

The grinding work has no dust discharge. After grinding,  the sawdust will be transported through pneumatic transmission by the fan suction air pressure.

The hammer mill is a water droplet type structure;

the hammer mill rotor can be operated in forward and reverse directions to improve the service life of the hammer blade;

the direct transmission mode of the motor is adopted.

Drying section:  

three-layer drum dryer, after drying, sawdust moisture in about 13-18%.

Pelletizing process:

The diameter of biomass pellet is optional from 6-10mm, and the biomass pellets have the characteristics of high calorific value,

no pollution and low ash content, which can be widely used in biomass power plants, biomass steam boilers,

household fireplaces, drying furnaces, and biomass gasifiers.

Cooling&Bagging Process: 

this is used to reduce the pellet temperature and moisture.

After cooling through the cooler, the temperature of the pellets generally is not higher than room temperature 5℃,

the moisture is about 8-10%, the density of pellets is 650-750 kg/m³.

According to the local sales demand of the customer, choose the suitable packing scale to facilitate the customer to sell products.

There are usually two specifications: small bag and ton bag.

The packing specification of the small bag packaging scale is 20-50kg/ bag, and the ton bag scale is 500-1000kg/ bag.

According to the needs of different customers, the scheme can be optimized:

1. If necessary, buffer bins can be added between each section to replace the storage yard.

The advantage is that it can improve the automation degree of the production line and reduce dust pollution in the workshop;

The disadvantage is that it will increase the construction cost of the production line,

and because the bulk density of materials after crushing is very light, it is easy to bridge in the bins and not drop.

2. The packaging equipment can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements for finished product packaging. It can also be stored in bulk or silos.

Product parameters

Moder 15t Log biomass production line
Debarking Machine(2sets) LYBP900-II, power is 2*11kw, designed capacity is 8-10tons per hour
Chipping Machine(2sets) Chipper LYGX218D,  power of the main motor is 132kw, feeding roller is 4kw, the oil pump is 0.55kw, designed capacity is 38m³/set
Grinding equipment(4sets) MFSP68*120,power 160kw,capacity: 6-8T/H( raw material moisture 40%)
Drying equipment LYHG50, drum diameter 3.0m, length 11.6m, power 19kw, design yield 5T/set, (before drying raw material moisture is 40%)
Pellet mill(6sets) MZLH680, main motor power: 185kw, power of forced feeder: 1.5kw, design with 2.2-2.8T/set output
Cooling machine MKLB8, the volume of the cooling chamber is 8m3, and the designed capacity is 12-15 tons per hour
Packing machine MDBLY-K, the packing specification is 20-50kg/ bag, and the packing speed is 3-5 bags/minute
and the plant covers an area of 6500 m2


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