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Ordinary Aquatic Feed Production Line

Categories: Feed Engineering
Capacity: 10-12t/h
Power: 770kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Ordinary aquatic feed production line:

Common water feed is common fish such as China’s four carp need to settle grain feed.

Raw Material (RM):

Ordinary aquatic feed products are mainly protein raw materials, including grains,
cake meal, rice bran, bran, blood meal, fat, antibiotics, vitamins, and so on.
Flow Process Introduction:
Ordinary aquatic feed is characterized by fine grinding fineness (crusher mesh size 0.8- 2.0 mm),
high curing conditioning requirements (using double jacketed conditioners),
small product particle diameter (particle diameter of about 2-4.0 mm).
The dual-line SZLH420 common aquatic fish feed project was designed to produce 12-16T/H,
using two micro-crushing lines, one batching mixing line, two granulating lines, and two packaging lines.
The total power of the equipment is about: 770KW;
The construction area of the production area is about 22×17.5x29m (high); allocated with a 2T boiler.
The whole line is with compact engineering design, reasonable structure, meeting environmental protection requirements,
and can be designed according to customer requirements.
Process flow:  

Raw material receiving and cleaning process, grinding process,

batching and mixing process, pelleting process, bagging process/bulk packaging, auxiliary process.

RM Receiving And Cleaning Process:

In this section, pellet feeding cleaning and powder feeding cleaning are separated independently and separate dust removal.

The dust removal effect is good.

Grinding Process:

This section adopts two hammer mills, and each hammer mill is with two pre-grinding bins.

Different raw materials can be crushed at the same time to improve production efficiency.

Because the grinding fineness for fish feed is relatively small,

the semi-air pneumatic conveying system is adopted to ensure the smooth discharging of the feed in the fine grinding process.

Before entering the bins, the impurities are removed by a magnetic separation device to ensure the safe operation of the hammer mill.

Mixing Section:

This section adopts 16 batching bins, two sets of batching system batches at the same time.

It is controlled by the batching program independently developed by our company to realize accurate fast and slow feeding,

fast batching, and high precision.

Pelletizing Section:
This section adopts two sets double-layer jacketed conditioner pelletizer,
and each set is with two pre-pelleting bins, which is convenient to switch between varieties. After pelleting,
they are respectively entered into the cooler and the elevator into the rotary screener in order to be screened,
and the finished products are put into the packing bins, and the sieved out powder material is back to granulation,
the sieved out large particle material back to crumbler.
Packing process:
There are 4 finished product bins in this section. The pellet or powder is automatically weighed and packed by the packing scale.
A vibration sieve is arranged before packaging to screen out the powder in the finished material.
Auxiliary Process:
Dust removal system to improve workers’ working environment; Grease adding system, common mixer place added to improve feed palatability.

Product parameters

Woder 10-12t Ordinary aquatic feed production line
Cleaning equipment granules sifter SCY80,capacity 20-30T/H; powder cleaner: SQLZ60X50X100, capacity 10-15T/H.
Grinding equipment Hammermill SFSP668×1000, 160kw, designed to produce 6-8T/H(¢1.0mm screen hole)
Weighing equipment Dosing scale PCS20/10, dosing precision: dynamic ≤3‰, static ≤1‰
Mixing equipment mixer SHSJ4, (30KW, 2000kg/ batch), designed to produce20-30t/h. Mixture uniformity CV ≤5%
Pelleting equipment(2 sets) SZLH420, 110KW, designed to produce 6-8t/h
Cooling equipment(2 sets) SKLN4, 1.1kw, 4m3 volume, designed to produce 6-8t/h
Packing equipment Belt scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bags/minute
The construction area of the production area is about 22×17.5x29m


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