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Roller Log Peeling Machine

Categories: Production line equipment
Capacity: 12-22t/h
Power: 11*2 kw
Engine: electromotor
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Product Application


two-roll peeling machine is used for peeling newly cut conifer and some hardwood,

and also can finish peeling of some frozen and dry wood.

the two-roll peeling machine has a simple and strong structure, strong rigidity, low failure rate, and long service life.

The open silo can be used to feed at one end and discharge at the other end,

which overcomes the shortcomings of the existing rotary barrel-type skinning machine,

such as power failure of feeding and discharging, and the sectional working mode, with high working efficiency.


1. Tooth roller debarker adopt roller type debarking, simple structure, good strength, low faulty, long service time.

2. Good debarking efficiency, cleaning degree can reach 95%.

3. Low energy consumption, low faulty, less maintenance, low vibrance and noise, easy for operation.

Technical Route of Debarking Section :

4. Log–Loader-Feed-in Conveyor–Inclined Feed-in Channel (Debarker)—Debarker–Discharger–Roller Conveyor–Belt Conveyor–Inclined Feed

Channel—Chipper–Chip Discharge Conveyor–Chip Screener–Chip Conveyor–Accept Chip Silo.

5. Barks fall down from the bark discharging slot (including bark falls down the roller conveyor)–Belt Conveyor–Energy Factory.

Allocation :

1. Q345 is made of manganese steel with good impact toughness and wear resistance

2. China famous brand or NSK

3. Motor: Siemens China

Product parameters

Specs LYBP 600II LYBP 900II LYBP 1100II
Capacity(tph) 7-12 12-22 22-30
Diameter(mm) 30-300 30-300 30-300
Debarking rate >95% >95% >95%
Wood loss rate <2% <2% <2%
Max length of wood <6m <9m <12m
Main machine Power (kW) 7.5*2 11*2 15*2
Conveyor motor power(kW) 1.5 2.2 3


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