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Sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line
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Sheep Manure Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

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Capacity: 1.5-2t/h
Power: 280kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line:  

Sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of bio-organic fertilizer which is produced by fermentation,

composting, pretreatment and granulation after mixing sheep manure and other organic matter. 

Sheep manure has a high content of organic fertilizer, good quality, and fineness of manure. 

The caloric value of sheep manure is between horse manure and cow manure, and it is a kind of warm fertilizer suitable for sand and clay mines.

Raw material:  

Sheep is a ruminant animal, drinking less, dry fine feces, feces discharge is also less.  the  Sheep manure is very rich in nutrients. 

There are immediate nutrients that are easily absorbed by crop decomposition and late nutrients which are not easily decomposed.

It is a kind of good fertilizer with fast and slow effects. 

Sheep manure contains 24~27% organic matter, 0.7~0.8% nitrogen, 0.45~0.6% phosphorus and 0.4~0.5% potassium.

Process Introduction:  

FZLH420 single sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line is the sheep manure and straw,

sawdust or kitchen waste and other organic mixture fermentation, after drying treatment, into the workshop for crushing,

mixing, granulation, cooling, bagging, and other processes, and finally made bio-organic fertilizer. 

The whole production line can produce 2 tons per hour fertilizer particles, the total power of the machine is about 280 kW,

occupy the main work is 2400㎡, including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse,

the characteristics of the whole line are reasonable and compact design and structure,

and meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also can guide customers to design.  

Process flow:  

Fermentation and composting process – pretreatment process – grinding process – mixing process – granulation bagging process  

Fermentation and composting processes:  

The first aerobic fermentation and the second anaerobic fermentation will pile the mixed raw materials into strips 1.5-2 meters wide,

0.8-1.2 meters high and no less than 3 meters in length. During the fermentation process,

attention should be paid to appropriate oxygen supply and turnover (the number of turnovers when the temperature is higher than 75℃),

and the temperature rise should be controlled at 65℃, too high a temperature will affect nutrition. 

Compost is heated in 2 days, odorless in 3 days, lose in 7 days, fragrant in 9 days, and fertilized in 10 days.  

Secondary anaerobic fermentation is also called the post-aging stage, also known as secondary fermentation.  The material could be  

After 7 days of complete decomposition, enter the post-senescence stage.  After that, the pretreatment process and the pelletizing process are followed.  

Pretreatment process:  

The organic raw materials were pulverized, screened, and dried after 7 days of anaerobic fermentation.  

Special chain mill for organic fertilizer is widely used for composting of bio-organic fermentation, urban household waste composting, peat,

rural straw, industrial organic waste, livestock and poultry excrement, and other high moisture materials crushing. 

The allowable water value of organic fertilizer for biological fermentation is 25 ~ 55%, which solves the problem of the comminution of organic matter with high water content.  

Drum cleaning machines can remove impurities in raw materials, including large woodblocks, stones, blocking materials,

etc  Can prevent equipment, conveyors in the follow-up process of failure or damage. 

The characteristics of the pre-cleaner are  High output, less power consumption, simple structure, small occupation area, convenient maintenance, convenient installation.  

Drum dryers are used to dry excess moisture in raw materials, reducing the moisture content to approximately.  20%. 

The pelleting of the following sections is completed at one time. 

Roller ring and grasping wheel support of drum dryer adopts cast steel structure, high strength, and stable operation. 

The special design and reasonable layout of the inner casting plate in the drum make the material and hot air fully mixed,

less residue and good drying effect  Heat insulation, prevent heat loss, improve heat utilization rate.  

Grinding process:  

A single FZLH420 sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line in the grinding process,

the dried material through the conveying equipment into the hammer mill for grinding, hammer mill equipped with iron removal machine.  

Hammer crusher adopts efficient waterdrop structure, the rotor can work backward, improve the service life of the hammerhead,

driven by a direct motor, high driving efficiency, convenient maintenance.  

Stirring and adding bacteria process:  

The bacteria added by the microelement adding hopper can be mixed with the raw material in the mixer. After the mixture is uniform,

the required microelements can be obtained  The mixture goes to the next step.  

Single shaft paddle type mixer is suitable for mixing high uniformity of organic or inorganic compound fertilizer mixer,

can use stainless steel material design, special sealing structure, and blade layout, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance.  

Pelleting and bagging process:  

In the pelleting process of a single FZLH420 sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line,

screw feeder was used for uniform feeding  The pellets are continuously fed to the pelletizer and cooled by the cooler after pelleting.

The pellets cooled will be cooled with Automatic weighing, packaging, transport to the warehouse.  

The pelleted spindle is driven by high strength gear, and the ring die is 20% fast unloading clamp  It is more efficient than belt transmission. 

The whole transmission part adopts high-quality imported bearings and oil seals to Ensure high efficiency, stability, and low noise. 

The international advanced compensation type snake spring coupling has the advantages of novel structure, compact structure, safety, and low fault.  

The cooler adopts the counter-current cooling principle to cool the pellets with high temperature and high humidity,

avoiding the sudden cooling phenomenon caused by direct contact between cold wind and hot material, thus preventing the surface cracking of pellets. 

Pneumatic or hydraulic driven unloading structure, stable operation, less residue;  Cooling chamber adopts  Octagon with inspection window. 

High and low-level control, high degree of automation;  It is suitable for bio-organic fertilizer granule cooling.  

Single FZLH420 sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line adopts a packaging scale in the bagging process. 

According to the local sales needs of customers, choose the appropriate size of the packaging, so that customers can sell products more easily. 

There are usually two sizes: small bag and ton bag.  20-50kg/ bag, ton bag 500-1000kg/ bag. 

The packing scale has a high degree of automation, high packing precision, and the sensor in the weighing system has high measuring sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.  

Product parameters

Moder 1.5-2t Sheep Manure Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line
Compost equipment LYLP-3, power: 19.5kw, output 300 m3/h
Drying equipment LYHG1.2*12,drum diameter 1.2m, length 12m, power 6kw
Grinding equipment FFSP56*40, power 37kw, output 2-3tph.
Mixer SDHJ1, power 15kw, output:1m3/batch
Pellet mill FZLH420, power: 110kw, Design output 2tph
Packing equipment SDBLY-PD belt packing scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.
the occupy of main work is 2400㎡


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