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Shrimp and crab feed production line
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Shrimp And Crab Feed Production Line

Categories: Feed Engineering
Capacity: 1.5-2.5t/h
Power: 605kw
Engine: Electromotor
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Product Application

Introduction of Main Process:

The shrimp and crab feed has the following characteristics: fine ground particles(Pacific white shrimp feed requires 59% should be with 80mesh),

high requirement for curing and conditioning(SZLH420x pellet mill adopt double-shaft differential speed conditioner, retainer, and jacket conditioner),

good water resistance(using post-curing process), small diameter for finished pellet (the diameter around 1.0-2.5mm).

The output for this SZLH420x shrimp and crab feed is designed as 1.5-2.5t/h, with the first grinding line, first batching and mixing line,

second micro-grinding line, second batching and mixing line, single pelleting line, and bagging line. the total power will be 605KW,

production area dimension is 22×17.5x30m, matching 1T boiler.

SZLH420x 1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set is characterized by a compact design and reasonable structure,

and the satisfaction of environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers’ design.

Raw material:

The normal raw material will be soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, wheat flour, yeast powder, fish meal, meat, and bone meal and etc.

Flow Diagram of Process:

RM receiving and cleaning process—first grinding process—first batching and mixing process–micro

-grinding process–second mixing process–pelleting process- bagging process

1. RM Receiving & Precleaning System:

Cleaning is playing a role to remove the impurities from raw material, including large impurities, nonmagnetic impurities like rope,

clod, and corn cob, and magnetic impurities like iron nails. It will ensure the quality of products and safety of the following processing machine.

the cleaning process for shrimp and crab feed set is including granule receiving cleaning and powder receiving cleaning.

2. First grinding process:

Single hammer mill is used in this grinding process of 1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set, two pre-grinding bin is set above the hammer mill.

To make sure the safe running of the hammer mill, the raw material should remove impurities through a magnetic device.

The cleaned material will go to the grinding bin for grinding.

After grinding, the material will be transported into the bucket elevator by screw conveyor then go into the batching bins through a distributor.

when transported by screw conveyor, an auxiliary suction system is also adopted to save energy consumption,

prevent dust and reduce the material’s temperature and improve the grinding efficiency.

3. First batching and mixing process:

The batching process of 1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crab feed set is a process to weigh kinds of material accurately by the specific device according to

the different animal’s formula to meet the nutritional requirement. Mixing is the process for kinds of raw materials for feed

interblend each other to be inhomogeneous distribution under the external force after batching.

In this process, one batching scale with 12 batching bins is used, the additives are manually added.  

The material is mixed in the mixer after batching then discharged by a chain conveyor and bucket elevator.

4. Micro-grinding process:

As the development of aquafeed and other specific feed, it has a high requirement for particle size after grinding,

usually, it demands 80-120mesh which cannot get through a normal hammer mill, so we designed a pulverizer.

1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set is equipped with a single pulverizer, discharging in pneumatic transportation with cyclone, pulse filter.

Moreover, the fineness could be adjusted according to the customer.

5. Second Mixing System:

This process is used to mix the material after micro-grinding with manual adding materials, two bathing bins,

one double shaft mixer and one extra manual adding inlet are designed.

6.  Pelleting Process:

the purpose of pelletizing is to make use of the heat, moisture, and pressure in the pelleting process to pelletize the feed which may be loose,

easy to dust, with poor palatability and hard to transport, then the feed could be with better palatability, lower feed conversion rate,

reduce feed waste and environmental pollution.

In this process, we use one set belt-driven shrimp feed pellet mill SZLH420x which adopts a double-shaft differential speed conditioner,

retainer, and jacket conditioner, which ensure the requirement for curing ahead.

two pellet bins are set above the theSZLH420x pellet mill.

The finished pellets will make the post-curing processing in stabilizer to improve the feed stability in water,

then to be cooled in the cooler, after that go into the rotary screener for shifting through bucket elevator,

finally, the finished product is packed into the bagging bins.

7. Bagging process:

1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set add a rotary screener after the finished product bin,

it will reduce the powder among the finished pellets. pellet packing scale is used.

8. Auxiliary System:

1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set adopt dust collection system in bagging process to improve the working condition,

oil adding system is usually added in mixing system to improve feed palatability.

Product parameters

Moder Szlh420x
cleaner granule precleaner SCY80, output 20-30t/h, podwer cleaner SQLZ60X50X100, output 10-15t/h.
Grinding machine SFSP668*600,55KW, output 5-7t/h
mixing machine mixer SLHY1,11kw, 500kg/P, output: 3-6t/h, homogeneity CV≤7%
pulverizer SWFL110,110+11+2.2KW;output:2-4T/H
Mixing machine Mixer SHSJ1,11KW,500kg/P, output: 3-6t/h, homogeneity CV≤5%
pelletize equipment pellet mill SZLH420x with 45*2KW
output for shrimp feed 1.5-2.5t/h
Stabilizer SWDB4 with 1.1+1.5KW
Cooling machine SKLB4 with 1.1+1.5KW, volume 4m3, output 4-5T/H
Bagging machine quick pellet packing scale, capacity 20-50kg per bag, 6-8bag per minute
Auxiliary System 1.5-2.5t/h shrimp and crabs feed set adopt dust collection system in bagging process to improve the working condition, oil adding system is usually added in mixing system to improve feed palatability


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