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Wood Shredder
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Tree Branch Pulverizer Timber Grinder

Categories: Wood Shredder
Capacity: 0.8-2.5t/h
Power: 11-30kw
Engine: diesel engine,gasoline engine
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Product Application

Tree Branch Crusher Introduction:

1. Wood crusher is also called wood shaving machine, wood chip machine, etc.

It is a forestry processing equipment that processes wood materials such as wood and branches into sawdust and sawdust.

2. Widely used in power plants, paper mills, charcoal production lines, and other industries.

3. The machine is mainly composed of a cutter head, a crushing chamber, and a screen.

4. The fineness of the sawdust can be adjusted and adjusted by changing the screen.

Working principle of branch crusher:

The wood crusher adopts blade cutting and high-speed flow,

collision and double crush functions can be completed in one machine, can separate particulate at the same time.

During cutting, the rotor produces high-speed airflow, rotating along with the blade cutting direction,

materials speed up in the airflow, repeated shocks, make materials double crushed, accelerated material crushing rate.

Advantages/characteristics of wood mill:

1. Compact structure and considerable layout;

2. Easy to install, operate and maintain;

3. Small size, less space occupying, high production efficiency, low investment, high-profit return;

4. Product good quality wood chips and the size can be adjusted;

5. Long service life, low noise, stable working situation;

6. Can use electrical motor/diesel motor according to customer’s needs;

7. Can Install the wheels, Cyclone, and make other customized designs for customers

Product parameters

Model XD-420 XD-500 XD-600 XD-700
Cutter Diameter(mm) 424 510 600 600
Blade Number 4 4 4 4-6
Blade Size(mm) 90*60*8 120*70*8 150*70*8 150*70*8
FeedingInlet Size


160*155 210*180 235*200 235*200
Main Shaft Speed


2600 2400 2200 2000
Capacity(kg/h) 800-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 2000-2500
Motor(kw) 11 15 22 30
Dimension(mm) 1200*550*750 1500*640*820 1600*700*1050 1850*830*1050


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