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Wood Chip Hammer Mill

Categories: Production line equipment
Capacity: 2-2.5t/h
Power: 55kw
Engine: electromotor
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Product Application

Wood chip hammer mill:

Hammer Mill can smash all kinds of raw materials of the pellet feed,

such as corn, sorghum, grain, legumes, broken cake pellet, and other materials.

Hammermill structure:

This series hammer mill adopts steel plate jointing structure, motor and rotor are installed on the same base,

adopts dowel pin coupling transmission, balance the rotor check, can work be positive and negative,

operation door interlocked safety device to ensure that the operation door can not open.

Advantages of hammer mill:

1. Adopting steel plate welding structure, the hammer mill rotor, and the motor are mounted on the same base,

and the serpentine spring coupling is directly connected to the transmission, and the transmission efficiency is high;

2. The base is welded with a thick steel plate and reduces the center of gravity of the spindle to effectively improve the vibration phenomenon;

3. The rotor is dynamically balanced to make the rotor work smoothly and can work in forward and reverse directions to extend the service life of the wearing part;

4. The operation door has a safety interlock to ensure that the motor cannot be started when the operation door is opened, ensuring safety;

5. Replace the bearing with a larger load. Effectively improve the temperature rise of the bearing.

Effectively extend bearing life;

6. Quick-open full-open mobile access door;

7. Quick change screen structure;

8. The feed inlet is at the top of the hammer mill and can be matched with various types of feeding mechanisms.

The hammers are arranged symmetrically;

9. The rotor of this machine is specially designed to have two different hammer screen gaps,

one for fine grinding and one for coarse grinding;

10. Hammer welded carbide hammer. The hammerhead structure is specially designed,

and effective stroke multiple times to enhance the grinding effect on the material;

Product parameters

Moder XD56*40 XD60*45 XD60*60 XD66*60 XD66*80 XD66*100
Power(kw) 37 45 55 75 90 110
Capacity(t/h) 0.8-1 1.8-2 2-2.5 3.5-4 5-6 6-7
Rotor diameter(mm) 560 600 600 660 660 660
Grinding chamber width(mm) 400  




800 1000
Rotating speed(r/min) 2970 2970 2970 2970 2970 2980
Dimension(L*W*H)(m) 1.8*0.8*1.1 1.8*0.8*1.1 1.92*1.1*1.1 2.1*1.3*1.4 2.6*1.3*1.4 3.0*1.3*1.4


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