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wood pellet machine

Categories: Pellet Machine
Capacity: 1-4t/h
Power: 55-200kw
Engine: motor
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Product Application

New XD series professional vertical ring die wood pellet machine

The XD series ” Vertical Dual-Layer Ring Die Pellet Machine”

is independently developed, designed, and manufactured by Shuntec Machinery.

It has a unique appearance, a more reasonable structure, and stability.

It is mainly used for wood chips, rice husks, Peanut shells, bamboo chips, palm fibers, and other materials.

Advantages of vertical dual-layer ring die pellet mill:

1. Gearbox: Continuing the advantages of the gearbox of our company’s third-generation flat-die pellet mill,

it adopts high-precision gear transmission and is equipped with an automatic hydraulic circulating oil system,

which ensures the service life of the gearbox and the working stability of the pellet mill.

2. Vertical motor: works vertically, its outstanding feature is that the mounting hole is centered on the output shaft,

and the circumference is equidistantly distributed, which makes the machine run with greater power and stability.

3 . Fan system: It is located on the side of the working bin of the pellet machine, and its working time can be freely controlled.

The main function is to help the working bin of the pellet machine to remove dust and discharge steam.

4. Workpiece part: The die and compression roller are made of alloy steel.

The heat treatment process is independently completed by our company.

The hardness can reach 52 or more, which not only ensures the granulation effect but also enhances the service life.

The working method is to extrude the wood pellet from the inside of the ring die to the outside.

The combination of centrifugal force and extrusion force increases the output while ensuring the hardness and density of the particles.

The unique design of 3-8 compression rollers increases the extrusion frequency and improves the output.

The mold is designed as a “vertical dual-layer”, the same aperture can be used up and down to increase the service life of the workpiece,

and two types of molds with different apertures can be used, which saves the cost of purchasing additional molds for making particles of different sizes.

Product parameters

Model Power(KW) Capacity






Compressed Particle Size (mm) Compression Roller Qty (unit) Plate Dia.


Compression Roller

Thickness (mm)

XD 450 55KW 0.8-1.2T 1.4*0.75*1.55 2200 6-12 3 200 65
XD550 90KW 1.5-2T 1.9*0.95*1.8 4000 6-12 4 200 65
XD 800 160KW 2-3T 2.5*1.35*2.1 6500 6-12 6 230 65
XD1000 200KW 3-4T 2.65*1.45*2.1 8000 6-12 8 230 65
The equipment includes: electric control cabinet, fan, oil pump, and dust removal system. In addition, auxiliary tools such as a moisture tester are optional.

Note: The parts of the compression roller of the machine have all been changed to alloy steel 20CrMnTi (20 chrome manganese titanium) with better quality and wear resistance, and the previous material was 42CrMo (42 chrome molybdenum).


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