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1 Ton Wood Pellet Production Line Is To Be Exported To Indonesia

Kendra from Indonesia found our company website on Google.

Kendra finally selected the production line of a 1-ton wood pellet machine after many emails.

Kendra’s requirements for Wood pellet Production line requirements are as follows:

Requirements for wood chip mill: 

– Can crush logs up to 15 cm in diameter. Can crush wood blocks, Scraps, and twigs. Crush finished Product 0.5-0.8mm.

The wood Chip Mill configuration is as follows:

– Chipping and Crushing Machine (600 Diesel):

– Capacity: 1-1.2 ton/hour

– Power:22 KW

For wood pellet machine requirements:

– Particle length 30 mm, diameter 8 mm, output 1 ton per hour.

The wood pellet machine configuration is as follows:

– Wood Pellet Machine (450 Diesel):

– Capacity: 0.7-1 Ton/Hour

– Power:55 KW

In addition, a spiral feeding machine and aggregate collecting bucket can form a set of 1-ton wood pellet machine production lines.

The feeding machine and hopper configuration are as follows:

Automatic Feeding System, Including:

  • Chip Collection Hopper with Exhaust Fan;
  • Height: 2200 mm
  • Single Screw Feeder
  • Power:2.2 KW
  • Feeding Pipe Diameter:173 mm
  • Length*Height:4000*2200 mm

I sent Kendra the proposal, catalog, parameters, and quotes. After constant communication, Kendra finally ordered the 1-ton wood pellet machine production line.

Kendra chose this line because it met a variety of production requirements at a price below budget.

The company signed the contract with Kendra on May 6, paid TT, and shipped within 15 business days.

Ten days later, the machine was finished. Then the company arranged a trial run. The raw material for the pilot is wood chips as required by Kendra, and several videos have been shot.

After watching the video, Kendra jumped up and clapped his hands, more satisfied than he could have imagined.

Kendra settled the balance, and the company arranged to pack the fumigated wooden boxes mechanically and helped Kendra deliver the goods to the designated shipping and logistics address.

I hope Kendra can use the wood pellet machine satisfactorily and smoothly after receiving the production line, so as to save more labor costs and earn more money for Kendra.