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Wood Chippers Are Exported To Singapore

Love bean, an Indonesian customer, found my company’s website on Google and contacted me directly.

After many times of communication through emails, Love bean placed an order with our company for a chipper.

Love bean orders wood chippers for the following raw materials:

– A log 1-2 meters long within 15 cm wide in diameter.

– Branches within 10 cm in diameter, ranging from 1 to 5 m in length.

– After crushing, about 3 cm of wood chips.

– The output is 1-2 tons per hour.

According to the detailed requirements provided by Love bean, we have prepared a list of xD-6130 and XD-6145 wood chippers, catalog parameters, and quotations.

After reading the catalog parameters, Love bean contacted us for many times and finally decided to place an order for the xD-6130 wood chipper.

Love bean chose the XD-6130 wood chipper because it fits its size and production requirements at a lower price than budgeted.

Xd-6145 wood chipper can produce 3-5 tons per hour, crushing wood within 20 cm in diameter. Suitable for more demanding customers.

The company signed the contract with Love bean on May 6th, with TT payment and delivery within 15 working days.

After 10 days, The machine has been produced. Then the company arranged a trial machine. The raw materials of the trial machine are wood according to the requirements of Love bean, and multiple videos have been shot.

After watching the video, Love bean jumped up and clapped her hands, more satisfied than expected.

Love bean settled the balance, The company arranged to pack the smoked wooden case for the grinder and help Love bean deliver the goods to the designated Marine logistics address.

I hope Love bean will receive the wood chipper and use it satisfactorily and smoothly, so as to save more labor costs and earn more money for Love bean.