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Horizontal Wood Chippers Exported To New Zealand

Horizontal wood chippers exported to New Zealand

On May 20th, Jamie from New Zealand ordered a model 216 horizontal wood chipper from our company.

Jamie is a purchasing manager for the New Zealand Highways Department and found our company on Google.

After many times of communication and understanding, Jamie’s company needs to buy a wood chipper. The required yield is 8-10 tons per hour and can crush about 10-20 cm of logs. 3 to 5 cm of wood chips are needed after crushing.

According to Jamie’s introduction, the company needs to customize the conveyor belt, and the length needs to be 12 meters. Discharging port conveyor belt needs to be changed to 15 meters.

Based on all the information Jamie provided, our company finally provided Jamie with catalog parameters and quotes for model 216 wood chippers.

Jamie was very satisfied with the solution provided and the Model 216 wood chipper met the company’s needs in all respects.

Horizontal wood chipper is a direct process of large diameter wood, wood harvesting residues (branches, etc.)

and wood processing residues (board, slats, log core, waste veneer, etc.) into small pieces.

XD series drum chipper is compact and reasonable in structure, easy to operate, high in productivity,

wide in the adaptability of raw materials, high in quality of cutting chips, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.

It is one of the most advanced chipping machines in China.

The company signed the contract with Jamie on May 20th, paid by TT, and delivered the goods within 30 working days.

Fifteen days later, the machine was ready. The company then arranged for a test-run machine. At Jamie’s request, the test machine is made from a few 20-centimeter logs, and videos are taken.

After watching the video, Jamie jumps up and claps, more satisfied than expected.

Jamie settles the balance, the company arranges for the mill to be packed in a smoky wooden box and helps Jamie deliver the goods to the designated shipping address.

Hopefully, Jamie will receive this horizontal wood chipper and use it with satisfaction, which will save him more labor costs and make him more money.