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Ferranhong, from Dubai, ordered 50 Multi-function crusher

Name: Ferranhong

Country: Dubai

Purchased Products: Multi-function crusher

Purchase Quantity: 50 units

Features and advantages of multi-functional crusher:

1. The straw crusher is used to crush kinds of straw with good quality and high capacity

2. the straw crusher is the application of a new structural design so that further reduce power consumption

(with their peers compared to the same types of products),cutting feeding and reliable, sturdy, and durable, long life and other advantages cutter.

3. The products of biomass for power generation, mushroom production, green, paper, fertilizer such as processing systems.

Applied to cotton,maize,reed,sorghum straw,etc,smash.

4. Used for cutting dry corn stalk, grass, peanut stalk, and so on. Suitable for cow or sheep eating.

Trade method: CIF

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2021.12.20

Engineering Field: Multi-function crusher used for cutting dry corn stalks, grass, peanut stems, weeds, straw, etc.  Suitable for cattle and sheep.