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Wasim from Pakistan Ordered A Diesel Pellet Machine

Name: Wasim

Country: Pakistan

Purchased Products: Production Line of Diesel pellet machine

Purchase Quantity: One Set

Features of Feed Pellet Machine: 

1. Widened feed inlet, convenient for feeding

2. Pure copper motor, high power, and low noise

3. Coupling rotation, low friction, less transmission ratio loss than belt

4. Stainless steel coupling, high-temperature quenching treatment

5. Made of Chromium-manganese steel final shaft and grinding disc, high-temperature quenching treatment

6. Length of feed pellets can be adjusted at any time

7. Grinding disc size from 3mm to 7mm for choice

8. Nylon casters, wear-resistant&durable

9. Oil window&oil dipstick, accurately detect the oil level

10. 3 layers of spray paint, 20 years anti-rust

11. Adjust the distance between the roller and the disc, keep the nuts on both sides balanced, so as not to damage the pressure roller grinding disc

12. Widened discharge port, smoother, and the baffle prevents the feed from falling

Trade method: CIF

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2020.7.28

Engineering Field: Diesel pellet machine can produce feed particles, grass particles, and other feed cattle, sheep, and other livestock.