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To Create South Korea 24TPH Sludge Sawdust Biomass Pellet Production Line

On September 18, Sinde machinery successfully completed the shipment of a 12TPH sludge sawdust biomass pellet production line for Korean customers.

This project is the third cooperation between The Korean customer and Sinde Machinery,

following the production line of sludge sawdust biomass pellet in the first phase and the production line of biomass pellet in the second phase with 6 tons. 

Through these three times of continuous cooperation, it fully shows customers’ affirmation of the operation performance of Xinde equipment and recognition of xinde comprehensive services. 

It shows xinde machinery’s craftsman spirit of “true quality, true knowledge from practice”, and the sense of responsibility to adhere to timely delivery during the world epidemic.

The total project of the third phase is 24TPH sludge sawdust pelleting production line, adopting the mature sludge sawdust biomass pellet production line technology of Xinde,

equipped with 12 new automatic 420 biomass pellet machines of Xinde. 

Raw materials are mainly dried sludge with wood chips, straw, and other coarse fiber raw material mixture, which is divided into industrial sludge and domestic sludge. 

After drying – crushing – storage – granulating – cooling – packaging (bulk) and other sections of processing, waste into treasure, 

finally made of biomass clean energy, in advocating energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time, promote the sustainable development of the world.

12TPH sludge and wood chip pelleting equipment was delivered on September 11, with a total of 4 containers.

The main equipment includes an MZLH420 biomass pelleting machine, TGSS25 double-layer scraper conveyor, TDTG50/28 bucket elevator, TCXT40 permanent magnet cylinder, simple bag filter, Shake, etc. 

Xinde promises to take customers’ interests as the fundamental starting point, complete delivery tasks on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, save customers’

time, help customers realize production benefits as soon as possible and seize market opportunities.

Xinde Machinery will arrange engineering installation personnel to South Korea for project installation, commissioning guidance, technical services, and other work in a timely manner. 

As a powerful biomass system solution provider and whole plant engineering manufacturer in China,

we provide customers with one-stop services from pre-consultation, field investigation, scheme design, project construction, technical support, 

maintenance and other “one-stop services”, to provide customized needs for customers and clean energy for the world.

It is believed that this cooperation will further promote the development of the Xinde Machinery market in South Korea, 

and also add vitality to the joint construction of “The Belt and Road” and sustainable open development.