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Lola from Indonesia Ordered Wood Crushers Machine

Name: Lola

Country: Indonesia

Purchased Products: Production Line of Feed Pellet Machine, Oil Press Machine, Wood Crushers Machine

Purchase Quantity: Three Sets

Features of Wood Crusher: 

1. Compact structure and considerable layout;

2. Easy to install, operate and maintain;

3. Small size, less space occupying, high production efficiency, low investment, high-profit return;

4. Product good quality wood chips and the size can be adjusted;

5. Long service life, low noise, stable working situation;

6. Can use electrical motor/diesel motor according to customer’s needs;

7. Can Install the wheels, Cyclone, and make other customized designs for customers

Trade method: CIF

Payment method: TT

Production Time: 15 days

Shipping Time: 2020.4.24

Engineering Field: wood crushers are also called wood shaving machines, wood chip machines, etc. It is a forestry processing equipment that processes wood materials such as wood and branches into sawdust and sawdust.